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Ahead of Safer Internet Day on February 7, Xbox published a Wire blog today highlighting its plans to celebrate the moment used to educate communities about the importance of safety, privacy and security when online. At Xbox, the protection of players is a top priority and teams are constantly exploring creative ways to educate parents, kids and teenagers about the necessity of safety practices.

Xbox and Minecraft also understand that the digital world is central to how young people play, learn and build relationships. Minecraft Education is releasing Privacy Prodigy, a single-player learning experience designed to teach those aged 7-18 about personal data and how to make informed decisions about who should have access to it and why. The game-based experience, a continuation of the CyberSafe series that launched last year with Home Sweet Hmm, offers a fun and immersive way to help players identify the levels of trust they can place in the people around them and explores strategies to safeguard their sensitive personal information as well as mitigate issues that arise from compromised information.

The game will explore four areas that represent different circles of trust, from immediate family (trusted adults) to public places such as a library or restaurant. In each area, the relevant personal information comes to life as data bytes who desperately need protection. Players will work through various challenges as they learn real-world knowledge about cyber safety. Minecraft Education users can find the Privacy Prodigy experience through the in-game lesson library. Meanwhile, Minecraft Bedrock users can download the world from the Education Collection in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Included in the Xbox Wire are details on how Xbox looks after its online communities through the AI and human insights-powered Community Sift moderation platform that filters content within messages, images and video. Language and culture experts – who understand formal and informal language in addition to cultural and regional idioms – build, curate and maintain the language data that helps Community Sift determine what is offensive speech and what is simply gaming slang or part of one’s culture. To demonstrate the nuance of language moderation, the Wire offers a visual asset with examples of words, phrases and emojis that hold varying meanings in different parts of the globe.

Xbox Wire offers snackable tips and safety resources for families to stay safe while gaming.

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