Alternative Sport Meets: Gary Lineker with Vision Express

With summer on the horizon, Vision Express announces Gary Lineker as its new brand ambassador, celebrating the partnership with the launch of the Lineker Edit – an exclusive range of stylish eyewear.

Available from 9th June both in-store and online, the Lineker Edit is made up of sunglasses and glasses and includes six timeless frames, each hand-picked by Gary, drawing upon inspiration from iconic style eras that have influenced him over the years.

Throughout his remarkable career, Gary has been a part of some unforgettable events, and it’s thanks to his eyesight that he has been able to witness and appreciate these moments. The edit looks to capture some of the milestones that have influenced his suave and sophisticated style.


So, to celebrate the collection, Gary has recreated some of his most stylish and iconic looks through the decades.


  • 1970’s – Drawing inspiration from his days at Leicester City Football Club as a teenager, the Lineker Edit captures the Hollywood glamour of the ’70s, as Gary model’s the Unofficial UNSM0017 in a similar style to aviator sunglasses and DbyD glasses DbyD BioAcetate DB OM 5054, synonymous with the time.


  • 1990’s – The Lineker Edit also captures the relaxed Mediterranean look of the ‘90s, when Gary and his England compatriots reached the Italia World Cup semi-finals. Poolside, the chic selection oozes sophistication and confidence, with oval Unofficial UNSU0050 sunglasses to compliment the casual style of Capri.


  • 2000’s – The transition from footballing superstar to suave TV pundit is captured as Gary models Unofficial UNSU0050, a timeless pair of sunglasses similar to wayfarer, to encapsulate his versatility as a modern man in the final frame, designed to be reflective of Lineker’s style today.


Representing the most iconic fashion moments of Gary’s six decades, the collection includes three sunglasses and three ophthalmic frames, with sunglasses prices starting from an affordable £39 and £89 for glasses.



Who are your style icons are and why? (football and non-football)


When it comes to sports, the world of football can have some dodgy fashion. There’s definitely been some hits and misses over the years. In terms of people who always manage to look stylish, I’d have to say the obvious choices such as David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Neymar, all of which could probably wear anything and look cool. 

In terms of icons, perhaps Bobby Moore and Frank Worthington. I remember looking up to them when I was younger and thinking they were really cool. Bobby wasn’t just a leader on the pitch, he also led in the fashion stakes too, with his fitted suits and immaculate hairstyle – he was as much a part of the Swinging Sixties as the Beatles and one of the first footballers to cross the boundaries of celebrity, which you often see emulated today – a real innovator at the time and a hero every young lad used to look up to at the time. Worthington always had the kind of Elvis look, with long flowing locks, a style I tried to pull off in the late 70s, not sure it quite had the same effect…

Outside of the sports world I take a lot of style inspiration from films or TV, or at least I’ve tried to over the years. I’d say people like Sean Connery, Paul Newman and Mad Men’s Don Draper are all style icons. Whether they’re dressed in sharp, well-fitting suits or off-duty polo shirts, shirt and jumper layering, or neutral slim fit chinos, they look suave, confident, and timeless. Using simple, classic colour palettes, their style is elegant, and almost effortless.

The importance of good accessory is also lost on any of them, each using accessories to bring looks together and put their individual touch on an outfit. Paul Newman made a statement with white socks, Sean Connery known for his loafers and espadrilles and Draper finishing his style with a pair of ionic square framed Aviators.



Which famous female celebrity or statesperson do you think is a style icon (and why)?

I remember the women my mum used to look up to in the 60s and 70s, the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, who personified glamour at the time. The big sunglasses and hair, something my mum used to emulate – a trait I have styled from time to time over the years! Sunglasses bring class to every outfit in my opinion – which I why I had to include in my Vision Express Lineker Edit. 




What’s your wardrobe essentials or must-have fashion items?

My style has definitely evolved, and become more refined. I’d describe my style as sophisticated but wearable – a modern take on classic looks and so I think other than a smart, well-fitting suit, accessories are my go-to and must-have items. Simplicity is key. 

People often say that accessories, whether that be belts, shoes or glasses are the finishing touches to an outfit, but for me, they are the outfit. I don’t look for trends, so accessories are a key staple in elevating my outfits and putting my own spin on a look. They can also completely change a look, so you can adapt to whatever occasion.

I often pick my accessories, whether that’s smart brown Chelsea boot, or a pair of glasses with a darker rim, and style my look around them. I therefore like to have a lot of different accessories and styles to choose from – different sunglasses for different occasions etc. To be honest, I think paying attention to finer details in an outfit is how I have adapted my style most over the years.



You’ve travelled to a lot of places. In your opinion, how do you think UK style differs from elsewhere in the world? 


It’s playful and ever-changing, unlike other countries UK style feels more diverse and that’s probably down to a melting pot of influences.

As well as the UK, I’ve personally been influenced by some of the Italian and Mediterranean style looks, and of course classic looks which is why you’ll see a mix of styles in these frames such as classic aviator styles and an all look dark casual look that works with a sharp suit too in the selection I’ve chosen for the Lineker Edit – a really neat selection to suit so many different looks and occasions. I like to be able to mix and match my look depending on what and where I am on the day and it just happens that some of the frames are also from Vision Express’s exclusive sustainable selection.



What places or experiences have you always wanted to see, but are yet to with your own eyes? 


I mean it would be great to see England to win the Euros, I would love to see that with my own eyes, who wouldn’t? 



What’s the most spectacular thing you’ve ever seen, or most impressive sight?


Gosh this is hard one, the birth of my amazing children has got to be up there, and then the most impressive sight I feel like was playing at some remarkable stadiums such around the world; like the Camp Nou during my time at Barcelona – scoring in the El Classico will live with me forever, and seeing the incredible crowd towering down on the game. I also remember the first time I came off the bench as a substitute against Scotland in 1984 at Hampden Park and seeing the wall of tartan and blue – it was amazing!


Whether you’re looking for style, sophistication, or practicality, Vision Express have you covered. The Lineker Edit is available in-store at Vision Express or online at


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