The Alternative Sport Show: Caroline Pearce


In this week’s episode of ‘The Alternative Sport Show’ BT Sport UFC Presenter and Analyst Caroline Pearce stops by to chat with Matthew Connell, who also happen to be former colleagues! Not only does Caroline feature on BT’s UFC coverage, but she is also one of the top athletic trainers in the fitness industry having been a former Great British athlete competing in Women’s Heptathlon and Bobsleigh.

Now based in Los Angeles Caroline Pearce’s broadcasting experience boasts an impressive range of projects from being an active Gladiator on Sky One, to covering Mixed Martial Arts across ESPN and Fox Sports. With UFC being one of the biggest and fastest growing sports in the world, Caroline’s time is very much divided between this and her work in the fitness industry.

With Caroline’s experiences in the fitness world as a trainer and model the respect from fellow athletes especially within the MMA community is highly regarded. Not only that, Caroline has been an ambassador for Power Plate for 17 years becoming a master trainer and a vital part of the growth and influence of the brand. Recently Power Plate welcomed Mark Wahlberg to the team as an investor, strategy and ambassador. Even more significant the partnership isn’t based on celebrity star pulling power, but more by the fact Whalberg uses the product as a part of this fitness routine.

Caroline Pearce is also a lead trainer on the FitOn app which holds host to 8 million members, 31 million+ workouts completed and is consistently in the top 15 charts in health and fitness app stores, and the most incredible thing… It’s free!

Within this episode of the Alternative Sport Show Matt and Caroline discuss the early beginnings of Caroline’s Career, the daunting transition into the world of MMA. The return of UFC fans in full arenas, and also Caroline shares her positive personal experiences working alongside top UFC fighters such as Conor McGregor and the big boss of the business Dana White.

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