What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Like it or not your coffee order says a lot about you as a person. Some orders are automatic red flags to baristas and coffee connoisseurs, while others get you some points. In some regards your coffee order is much like a personality test, everything from the type of coffee to the amount of sweetener unknowingly reveals a little bit about yourself. Keep reading to find out what your favorite afternoon pick me up says about you, but be warned you might not like what we have to say, apologies in advance caramel macchiato lovers.



You are direct, hardworking, and persistent. You are a busy person and don’t have time to mess around with coffee so you stick to the basics. Your take no prisoners attitude doesn’t just relate to your coffee selection but it is a way of life. You are most definitely a boss or CEO of a company and demand strength and excellence at every turn in life. Some may say you are intimidating but everyone has to respect someone who drinks straight espresso.


Iced vanilla latte

You are basic, not in a bad way though. To be fair it is rather difficult to mess up an order as simple as this one. You like things simple and neat, and that goes for your coffee order as well as your life. You are definitely responsible and the mom of your friend group. You carry around a daily planner and every color highlighter imaginable. People know they can count on you for any and everything and that is a wonderful thing. Absolutely everyone likes you, even if your coffee order is boring.


Americano/ black coffee

If this is your order I would love to be your friend. You had coffee full of sugar and flavorings too much when you were younger so now you removed all the additives and have crafted the perfect order. You are a strong, outspoken, and fun person to be around. You like things to be done the right way and that often results in you taking charge and doing everything yourself. Despite being a bit controlling, all you want is the best for yourself and those you care about, including people who don’t want to see you have a sugar rush.


Flat white 

You are bold and sophisticated but you also have a bit of a superiority complex. You drink the stronger version of a latte and you think that puts you on a pedestal, but in reality it just complicates things for the baristas. You most likely own your own company in fashion or public relations, so the grind never really stops. People respect your hustle and how you handle the world but sometimes you have a “I am better than you” attitude that nobody enjoys. 


Caramel macchiato

Admit it, you don’t like coffee. There is nothing wrong with that, plenty of people don’t like coffee. But pretending you do and trying to cover it up with tons of caramel sauce and vanilla syrup is doing you no favors. You are the definition of joining in on trends and wanting to seem way cooler than you actually are. You found the most sugary coffee drink possible, got a pair of Adidas, and started wearing wired headphones again just to say you are in with the trends, but in reality you would rather be having a cup of tea in sweatpants and there is nothing wrong with that.



You are definitely creative and some sort of liberal arts or music major at university. You march to the beat of your own drum and don’t let others opinions stop you from being you. You listen to alternative music and have a love for thrifting any and everything. Even if your coffee order is certified chocolate milk, you don’t care what people think and that has to be respected. 


You are a fun person but way too obsessed with social media. You went on vacation in Europe one time and couldn’t get an iced vanilla latte so you resorted to cappuccinos and have to mention your summer in Italy everytime you order one. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great drink, it just tastes better when it’s not left sitting while you try to get the perfect insta story. Put your phone down and rejoin reality, I promise it isn’t that bad.


For good or bad your coffee order reveals a lot about who you are as a person to your baristas and coffee dates. If you have any order other than an americano, perhaps consider switching to the superior drink, from a completely unbiased americano fanatic. 

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