What too drink now: Fords Gin with Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills, luxury party planner at The Events Mill has shared his 10 ways to ensure you host the perfect New Year’s Eve party – together with Matthew Cusworth, brand ambassador at the award-winning Fords Gin, to offer some advice for how to make your New Year’s Eve drinks unforgettable.

Throwing the perfect party is like mixing the perfect gin cocktail. It’s all about balance and harmony. Fords Gin adds the ultimate je ne sais quoi to every event, making it the go-to gin, whenever I’m mixing my own party cocktails.

Reverse engineered to be truly versatile, Fords Gin is so much more than just a liquid: it’s a magical elixir, and just the thing you need to up the ante to make you the perfect New Year’s Eve party host with every pour.

With my extra special top tips, on how to elevate your party, you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the town this festive season.


A Welcome Drink

Make the perfect first impression by greeting your guests with a cocktail. Not only will this wow, but you can immediately set the tone of your soiree. If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, why not greet your guests with the decadent French 75? Fords Gin, with its crisp triple citrus botanicals, is the perfect spirit to mix with lemon juice, sugar and Champagne. Consider an extra wow factor: edible glitter stirred into the cocktail, letting your guests know they are in for an enchanting evening.


Primp Your Own Cocktail

Interactivity is key and guests’ expectations have changed. Experiences are as fundamental as entertainment, and using an interactive ‘Revamp Your Own Cocktail’ station makes for a playful, luxury and customisable experience. The perfect base for any gin cocktail, Fords Gin is the go-to cocktail gin for every budding host, because it works brilliantly with a diverse range of flavours. This means guests can select their own mixers according to their taste preferences, and enjoy the theatre of ‘primping’ up their drink by adding luxury garnishes such as glitter, grapefruit, juniper berries, olives and pink peppercorns. The possibilities are endless!


Forget Themes – Think Immersive

Ever heard the phrase ‘authenticity is key’? Well, there is truth in this, and it pays to have conviction in your design, both in the bigger sense and in the smaller, hidden details. The perfect party lies in the celebration of these details which in turn elevates a theme into an immersive design. Look to create exquisite cocktails to match any menu, mood, or season, enticing your guests into an immersive party experience.


Pick ‘n’ Mix-ology

Variety is the spice of life and the same goes for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party. A bar serving a range of cocktails is always going to be a hit, especially one that is serving the classics done well. Sophistication is found in elegance, such as a menu of classic gin cocktails. The Fords Gin recipe was designed to be the perfect gin for all classic cocktails. Consider printing a menu of cocktail recipes for your guests to peruse and take your cocktail offering to the next level.


Celebrate Eclecticism

Being the perfect party host is always about being true to your own style, but there is so much charm to be taken from other historical influences. From Renaissance to Baroque, Art Deco to Contemporary, there is so much to glean inspiration from. And why not blend styles? The art of eclectic design is very on trend, and lends itself to those looking for an unique and individual design moment. The eclectic aesthetic can provide great inspiration for tablescaping, too. Consider using different shapes, styles and colours of glassware to elevate a party and bring a unique edge to each cocktail you serve.



Exploring the senses isn’t limited to what we eat and drink. Elevating your party entertainment experience from simple and traditional to more curious and multi-dimensional is a guaranteed way to boost your guests’ experience. Why not hire a tarot card reader, make use of creative lighting, or even use speakers and sounds to offer variety and an escape for your party attendees?


Choose A Disco Cocktail

Depending on the size of your New Year’s Eve party, you may choose a disco cocktail to help with the ebb and flow of those seeking out the dancefloor – especially if you have a larger crowd. Preparing a punch that guests can grab and go can be a great remedy to ensuring you maintain the all-important numbers on the dancefloor.


Pack A Flavour Punch

No party would be complete without a variety of food on offer and, to be a true host with the most, you’ll need to step up from finger food. Broaden your horizons and transport your guests to world’s far away by celebrating the varying flavours and textures of different cuisines. Beautifully prepared canapés will always be en pointe and are extremely elegant and sophisticated, especially when paired with cocktails. Take a Fords Gin Martini and explore the perfect harmony of balancing botanical flavours and spices. Why not add a zing of citrus or punch of bitterness to the culinary delights available? Your guests’ tastebuds will be dancing as much as their feet.


Zero Waste Cocktails

Expressing sustainability through cocktail design is the new trend this party season. Make sure you follow the ‘nose-to-tail’ method and ensure nothing goes to waste. For example, try harnessing the delicious pulp and juice of a pineapple as the base notes to your cocktail and make use of its skin and leaves for the garnish. To take this one step further, why not follow in the footsteps of top bartenders and use the beautifully designed Fords Gin bottle as a vessel for pre batched drinks? It has been designed so it can be reused multiple times – a great tool for a planet friendly party.


Gin & Toast Your New Year

Party season is all about revelry and ringing in the New Year with a goblet in hand, full to the brim with your favourite G&T. This NYE, why not try garnishing your tipple with pink dancing peppercorns to match your pink suede party pumps? Go all out in a cacophony of colour and see in the New Year in style. With Fords Gin as your party companion, you can go head first into 2023 with bold, botanical beauty.

Discover more at fordsgin.com.

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