DIY hair care mistakes that are ruining our locks during lockdown 3.0.

Whilst we have been in lockdown, we have all been tempted to play with our hair and open our own home salons. We can’t just pop to the hairdressers for some fresh highlights and a luxurious blow-dry, and leave the salon feeling refreshingly glamorous. 

Now we have to rely on our own abilities, or lack thereof, to keep our locks looking luscious. As a result, many of us are turning to hair colours, silver shampoos and oils at home, throwing whatever we can at our hair. 

However, your new purchases and personal techniques could actually be diminishing the health and look of your hair! Despite our best efforts, there are a handful of damaging DIY hair care mistakes that are ruining our locks during lockdown 3.0… but don’t worry, help is here! 

Scentsational has been a leading retailer of cosmetics for more than a decade! They engaged with their customers during Britain’s first lockdown, discovering where we were going wrong, the items that actually worked and now, when customers rush to repair their hair at home again, Scentsational is ready to share their expertise and advice! 

Richard, Managing Director of Scentsational, answers some of our questions on the most common hair mistakes, how these can damage our hair and which products promise to fix and secure our locks during lockdown! 


What is the most common lockdown hair mishap?

‘With lockdown stopping us from popping to the salon, our customers have been happy to confess that they’ve made some DIY hair care blunders! The most common? Dying hair with at-home kits without investing in any after-care; it’s vital that freshly dyed hair is kept moisturised with masks and oils. You should incorporate this into your hair care routine at least once a week. It’s also hard for people to know what hair type they have if they usually put all of their trust in their go-to hairdresser! If your scalp is already oily for example, you’re not going to need lots more. Meanwhile, if you regularly dye your hair a certain colour, you’ll need to invest in specific products. For example, if you want to maintain your blonde tones, Olaplex’s products are perfect. We sell these at discounted prices at Scentsational so great lockdown hair doesn’t mean you need to break the bank either!’


What do you do if you have a hair mishap?

‘If you have a hair mishap and you know a hairdresser, I’m sure they won’t mind you reaching out for a little assistance! If not, research products that are designed to fix your mishap; there’s something out there for almost everything. Dry hair? Masks and oils are great. Dull hair or roots? At-home dying kits have never been easier. If you’ve cut your hair poorly, that’s a slightly different issue… invest in scissors that have been designed specifically for hair (please don’t use a pair from under your kitchen sink!) and go over it when your hair is wet. You could even use this as an opportunity to mix up your look completely and dye your hair a bold new colour! It’s better to embrace the shorter do, it could be an exciting way to start 2021, even if it wasn’t planned.’


What products are hot in 2021?

‘At Scentsational we’ve already seen hair care products soar in popularity during lockdown 3.0. More specifically, our Olaplex and Moroccan Oil products have proven to be incredibly popular. Also, Goldwell’s shampoo and conditioner, Montibello’s products, Wahl’s hair clipper and semi-permanent hair dyes have been particularly hot purchases. I think these brands will continue to be popular throughout 2021!’


What products are pointless/ not worth the hype?

‘I would simply say that any expensive, over-priced products aren’t worth the hype; hair care doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. That’s why at Scentsational we sell our customers’ favourite products at affordable prices! A product boasts good value for money if it fulfils its purpose and doesn’t sacrifice your savings.’


Best home hair repair methods?

‘If you’re trying to save during lockdown then Scentsational is definitely the place to go for all things hair-care. However, there are a number of effective home treatments which promise to enhance your locks too. For example, egg masks are great for restoring damaged hair; simply add whisked eggs to your shampoo and leave on your hair for 5 minutes before washing off. This enhances the protein content of your hair, leaving it stronger and more moisturised. The ultimate home repair methods? DIY hair dyes! They’re a classic for a reason, they really do cover a range of sins…’


Top tips for how to keep your hair looking luscious in lockdown.

‘To keep your hair looking luscious during the lockdown, ensure it’s well moisturised and while we’re not going out as often, try to avoid styling with heat. This will give your hair a chance to naturally recover from any previous damage. Throwing your hair up in a bun or ponytail every day while you WFH can also cause breakage and stress for the hair. By using moisturising and/or colour restoring shampoos and conditioners, you can help to protect your hair during the lockdown.’


So there you have it! While it can be tempting to play hairdresser when you’re stuck at home during lockdown, it can all go very wrong! But don’t worry if you have had a hair mishap Scentsationa have got you covered! Visit them now at

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