WW launches new menu on Uber Eats as Brits struggle with New Year’s resolutions in lockdown

WW has launched a new ‘fakeaway’ menu on Uber Eats to help all those struggling with their healthy eating resolutions.

The new menu, which boasts several delicious ZeroPoint options, comes as 91% of Brits admit they’ve already treated themselves to unhealthy food or drink this year despite 81% claiming they want to eat healthily in 2021.

In fact, it took less than five days on average for people to waver with their New Year’s resolutions, while 17% have treated themselves every day of 2021 so far. Some 34% claimed lockdown made it tricky to stick to their goals, and 31% said the depressing news about the coronavirus made them feel less stringent about their resolutions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those surveyed said it took them 11 days to form a good habit, but just 7 days to form a bad one, showing how difficult it can be.

The WW menu is geared towards getting people on their wellbeing journey back on track with takeaway-style dishes that come at a fraction of the calorific cost, in a bid to help Brits achieve their 2021 ambitions.

Among the options available on the menu are sumptuous chicken Tandoori skewers and a vegan mushroom and spinach curry – both of which are ZeroPoint to those following the blue and purple WW plans – as well as a flavoursome curry, hearty burgers and ‘fish and chips’ for those with more SmartPoints® to spare.

It comes at just the right time: almost one third of Brits (30%) feel their eating habits have become worse in the pandemic, two fifths (39%) are eating more comfort food than they usually do, and 13% even claim Zoom calls with family and friends – whether that meant wine or cheese tastings or virtual parties – have contributed to them losing their healthy eating resolve.

The WW menu on Uber Eats was designed to help those who have fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon, as well as giving those still sticking to their resolutions a chance to treat themselves to a delicious ‘fakeaway’ meal this weekend.


The WW Dining Room

Classic Options – £5

  • Chicken Curry

Green 4 | Blue 1 | Purple 1 SmartPoints® value per serving

  • Fish and Chips

Green 8 | Blue 6 | Purple 6 SmartPoints® value per serving

  • Classic Beef Burger with Chilli Chips

Green 8 | Blue 8 | Purple 8 SmartPoints® value per serving

ZeroPoints Options – £5

  • Chicken Tandoori Skewers

Green 2 | Blue 0 | Purple 0 SmartPoints® value per serving

  • Vegan Mushroom & Spinach Curry

Green 2 | Blue 0 | Purple 0 SmartPoints® value per serving

Extras – £2

  • Point-Free Pilau

Green 1 | Blue 0 | Purple 0 SmartPoints® value per serving

  • 2 Ingredient Naan Bread

Green 3 | Blue 3 | Purple 3 SmartPoints® value per serving

  • Cucumber Raita

Green 1 | Blue 0 | Purple 0 SmartPoints® value per serving

The menu will be available in London on 23rd January and Birmingham on 24th January.


For those looking to continue their healthy eating journey at home, WW has the following top tips:

  1. Avoid deep-fried dishes and look out for words such as ‘battered’ or ‘crispy’. Instead, opt for a delicious stir-fry packed with colourful veggies, and anything steamed such as dumplings
  2. Switch to sugar-free or low-calorie drink options and serve in a wine glass to make the meal feel like more of an event. Keep your body happy by alternating any alcoholic drinks with a glass of water. As a bonus, you’ll feel better in the morning, too!
  3. If you love a ‘fakeaway’ you can create some of your own at home. There are some great recipes on the WW website, from homemade pizza to Pad Thai
  4. Create delicious curries at home using lean cuts of meat, plant-based proteins or some fresh seafood for the hero ingredient. Add plenty of crisp vegetables like sugar snap peas and broccoli, herbs and spices and opt for tomato or yoghurt-based dishes. Serve these with steamed brown rice which is higher in fibre, and can help you feel fuller for longer
  5. Many of us enjoy a takeaway Italian but want to avoid too much pasta. You can create courgette ‘pasta’ using a spiraliser which will balance out the sugar and fat content in the sauces and extras. Stay away from creamy sauces and use tomato-based options instead.


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