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WHOOP is a 24/7 fitness tracker and health monitor, and is worn by a range of sports stars including Rory McIlroy, Mo Salah and Anthony Watson to name a few. It offers the most in-depth fitness and health feedback on the market by monitoring your sleep, recovery, and daily effort around the clock to deliver actionable insights on how you can optimise your performance.

Train Smarter

WHOOP measures and accumulates your training activities and daily effort with a Strain score that helps you understand when to rest or push.

You can monitor your heart rate 24/7 with insight into how strenuous your training and day is to better understand the exertion put on your body.

What is Strain?

Strain is a true measure of how much stress you’re putting on your body, both mentally and physically. WHOOP Strain is measured on a proprietary scale of 0 to 21 and can be affected by things like exercise, work, anxiety, running errands, parenting, and more.

LIGHT STRAIN (0-9): This level of exertion indicates room for active recovery with minimal stress being put on the body.

MODERATE STRAIN (10-13): This range indicates moderate stress is being put on the body which helps maintain fitness.

HIGH STRAIN (14-17: This level of exertion indicates increased stress and/ or activity which can help build fitness gains in your training.


What is recovery?

WHOOP recovery quantifies how your body is adapting to stress and your readiness for the day. The more recovered you are, the more you can achieve with your performance.

Get insight into key biometrics such as your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep performance. Know when your body is ready to perform and when it needs rest on a scale of 0 to 100%.

GREEN: This range indicates your body is well recovered and ready to perform. Whether it’s at work, at home, or the gym, your body is signaling it can handle a strenuous day.

YELLOW: This range indicates your body is maintaining health. Your body may not need rest and can still handle a moderate strenuous day.

RED: This range indicates your body is working hard to recover. Whether you’re in a heavy training phase, falling ill, or just stressed, it’s suggested to make time for rest and active recovery.



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