What to wear now: National Vintage League

If you are a regular Verge reader then you’ll know we love American sports and fashion, so when we discovered National Vintage League we were obsessed! They source vintage American sport apparel from around the world and what a collection they have; basketball, NFL, hockey and more. These pieces are more than just a new jacket or jersey – they each have their own history, imagine the games they have seen and how fans have adored them, you can also be a part of that legacy. What’s more is you are saving the planet by reducing waste whilst looking like pro-fan in your vintage kit.

National Vintage League has built its brand on the 3 tenets of Authenticity, Sustainability and Community;

With years experience appraising and authenticating US sports apparel, they can guarantee the authenticity of every item they resell. With the abundance of unscrupulous internet-based businesses making money by selling fakes to unassuming customers, they create a space where fans of American sports can buy with confidence. They even offer a free “Legit Check” service if people are unsure about other items they may find online with other retailers!

With Fast Fashion become one of the planet’s leading contributors to carbon emissions and the subsequent climate change, National Vintage League felt it was their duty as a clothing company to be as sustainable as possible. Repairing, reusing and reselling clothing can help minimise the devastating effects that the fashion industry is having on the planet and they promote this mantra in their business model. That’s why they repair any worn or torn items to give them new life and hopefully a new home! They also use 100% biodegradable packaging and source all stock 100% from inside the UK, getting rid of the need to import via air travel.

As well as believing that every jersey they sell is ‘more than just a jersey’, they like to think they are ‘more than just a shop’ – they treat all their customers as friends, and let them know how much they value their business. They have hundreds of returning customers that come back, not only for the stunning array of merchandise they manage to get their hands on, but also for the way they are made to feel when shopping with National Vintage League. You can check out some of their uniquely 5* reviews on Google to see the evidence!


As well as all this, in the run-up to Christmas NVL are taking it to another level by promising to do daily drops on their website for EVERY NFL team! The “32 Days 32 Teams” Drop is their take on “The 12 Days Of Christmas” but, obviously with vintage! Check out the schedule here so you can make sure not to miss this monster event!

For more information please visit: nationalvintageleague.com

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