what to drink now: Beefeater

Beefeater, the world’s most awarded gin1, has unveiled the sounds and scents that signal British summer has officially started..

The research of 2,000 consumers revealed that come rain or shine, over half of Brits want to spend more time outdoors this summer with many wanting to enjoy the great British outdoors with friends (37%) and family (47%). Well, they’re in luck. The brand-new Beefeater cans are light to carry (win!), perfect to enjoy alfresco (yes!), and a delicious accompaniment to a summer picnic.

Better pack an umbrella though, with a fifth of Brits considering a brolly essential for summer picnics. Other must-haves include sun cream (59%), fresh fruit and ready-to-drink cans (35%), and a very practical bum bag (9%).

In the spirit of summer finally arriving, Beefeater reveals the nation’s favourite sounds that mark the season has arrived. It’s no surprise that food and drink are the faves:

  1. Lawnmower cutting the grass (29%)
  2. Ice cream van chimes (27%)
  3. Sizzling grill (26%)
  4. Buzzing of insects (19%)
  5. Hissing of a cold can being opened (20%)


Do you love that whiff of freshly cut grass? So do almost half of Brits. Other favourite summer scents include:

  1. Freshly cut grass (47%)
  2. A smoky barbecue (33%)
  3. The whiff of flowers blooming (32%)
  4. Wet ground after rain (28%)
  5. The scent of chlorine from a pool (10%)

There isn’t a Brit alive who doesn’t love to comment on the weather. Research also found that over half (51%) believe stating ‘it’s too hot’ marks the unofficial start of our favourite season, with ‘interesting’ tan lines and ready-to-drink cans also synonymous with summer finally arriving (21% and 9% respectively).

Finally, who doesn’t need a holiday? Almost a quarter of Brits’ summer bucket lists include a well-deserved weekend break, one sixth want to enjoy drinks in the park and others similarly are looking forward to a festival (13%).

The Beefeater ready-to-drink cans (4.9% ABV, 25cl) are available in supermarkets, including Waitrose, Tesco and Asda, and independent stores at an RRP of £2.



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