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Beavertown Brewery has announced the launch of Ghost, its first ever range of hard seltzers, so good they’ll give you goosebumps. Available in four ABVs and flavours, Ghost is available via the webshop here and at Beavertown’s Corner Pin pub. Not happy with just the one, Beavertown has created a range of eight hard seltzers to suit every taste and occasion.

Naturally fruity, bubbly, low-cal, vegan and gluten free, Ghost is all about chills and chill. Perfect for enjoying as an alternative to your Christmas prosecco, as you see in the New Year or at the Corner Pin as a refreshing, low-calorie after work drink, Ghost offers the ultimate Hard Seltzer experience whenever and wherever you want it.

With four different ABV’s, Ghost is perfect for any occasion, whether sipping on a school night or before a big night out. Looking for something to accompany you on an afternoon walk in the park? It’s the 2.5% ABV can. A catch up after work calls for the 4% ABV option, whilst a big weekend get-together needs the 5.5% ABV seltzer. Perfect for nights “Out, Out”, too, the 8% is the ultimate Beavertown party-starter.

Not only that, but Beavertown’s brand new offering also comes in four lip-smackingly good flavours. Plus, with 0g of sugar, and with cans starting at just 46Cal per 330ml can, Ghost is the perfect option for those looking to cut back without compromising on flavour. Enjoy this side of the year at a Christmas party or to banish the Dry January blues.

2.5% ABV – 46kCal

  • Available in lemon & raspberry

4% ABV – 73kCal

  • Available in peach and tropical flavours

5.5% ABV – 101kCal

  • Available in peach and lemon

8% ABV – 149kCal

  • Available in tropical and raspberry

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Single Can 2.5% – RRP £2.40
Single Can 4% – RRP £2.50
Single Can 5.5% – RRP £2.75
Single Can 8% – RRP £3.25
Mixed Case of 12 – RRP £30

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