Verge Meets: Naomi Genes

With over 800,000 followers and counting, Naomi Genes is an Instagram sensation who regularly shares her  #OOTD, beauty tips, and adventures with her one-year-old daughter Nola.  This week Naomi chatted exclusively with Verge about her journey and experience as a content creator and her top tips to help you become one too!

So you first started posting your daily outfits in 2017, tell us a little bit more about your online journey and experience with social media?

Yes, I started posting daily for fun as I loved to play around with fashion! My images started to get reposted by lots of big ‘inspo’ pages and that’s when the followers really started pouring in. I felt my relatability of taking my images everywhere and anywhere and posting in real-time made people intrigued to see what I was getting up to on the daily and tagging every item I wore was super helpful!

Are there any top tips you would give to someone who wants to build their profile and become a content creator?

Find your niche and what you are passionate about. Tag your outfits and beauty products, post daily stories and keep consistent. Most accounts who have large followings have been doing this for years, so don’t be discouraged if your following is building slowly, it definitely takes time.

You make being fashionable look so easy and effortless! What fashion styling hacks would you give to help easily up-style a look?

Accessorise any outfit… Even if you are wearing a simple sweater and some leggings. Pop on some chunky gold hoops, a simple baseball cap, a shoulder bag and it will really elevate the look.

You recently launched a collection with fashion giants In The Style, what was that like? Do you think they’ll be more fashion designing in your future? And what was your favourite piece from the collection?

The whole process has been so fun, there’s nothing better than seeing my community in my collection! There will 100% be more fashion designing in my future, the ultimate dream is to design and launch something that is totally my own. My favourite piece from my new ITS collection has to be the caramel tracksuit, it’s so chic and also has additional matching shorts!

Juggling motherhood and your career as a full-time content creator must be difficult, how do you cope?

I honestly don’t know! I am a full time parent with no family around for support so it is definitely trying at times, but I try to work during her nap times and I have a team that supports me and makes sure I hit deadlines which is so helpful!

As well as your beautiful fashion and beauty content, you also regularly share a non-filtered glimpse into family life and motherhood – do you think it’s important to have this balance?

Yes I do, I am a first time mum just winging it and I think it’s really easy to think motherhood is a walk in the park based on Instagram feeds! The messages that pour in from my community after I have a rant are so amazing and it makes you realise all us mums are in it together!

Your fiancé has just signed with LA Galaxy, how exciting! Are you looking forward to the move?

We are so so excited! It’s a dream come true for us and something we have wanted for so long. I can’t wait for the journey and where it takes us.


 For more style inspiration follow Naomi Genes on Instagram @naomigenes

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