Trendy Fashion Designers for Men

Any man loves to see a big designer label in his wardrobe. Such designer wear comes in different fashion and styles that give a statement. In return, you may invest much of your hard-earned dollars to own one.

But it doesn’t mean that an expensive man’s outfit is always high-quality and fashionable. Some designers offer top-notch, pocket-friendly clothing for men because they focus on sustainability.

There are numerous reputable walk-in and online stores that offer high-quality, fashionable men’s clothes at an affordable price. Continue reading if you would love to know about them.

The men’s brands offer a variety of men’s clothing. You can choose your fresh style from the best underwear to the basics. They include the following;

Palm Angels

This brand resulted from the works of Moncler’s director, a renowned artist known as Francesco Ragazzi. He belonged to the California skateboarding and started sketching the men’s cloth images on a book in black and white.

Pharrel Williams prefaced the skateboarding-inspired images when they got published in 2014. From the pictures came the first clothing and accessories collection designed to wear in 2015.

Since its launch, Palm Angels has always been creative in offering men various trendy streetwear. You can upgrade your wardrobe with a shirt, jacket, hoodie, or any wear from Palm Angel.

Then choose suitable accessories such as a hat and bag to match. All Palm Angels items contain an attractive logo and come in various prints, colors, and designs.


It’s one of the renowned brands for men on the market today. With its elegant clothing and accessories line, Dior has continued winning many men’s hearts since its establishment in 1947.

The brand’s men collection artistic director, Kim Jones, works endlessly to maintain Dior’s heritage of designing first-class men’s outfits.

The collection caters to men of all ages. Whether you are looking for casual, professional, dinner, party, summer, or winter wear doesn’t matter. Dior’s luxury tailoring caters to all occasions and weather.

The embedded Dior logo on each cloth or accessory makes a classy statement. The shoes feature futuristic sneakers, sandals, boots, and other types. Accessories include but are not limited to elegant bags, water bottles, sunglasses, and delicate chains.


It’s a brand focused on positive values, thanks to its founder and director, Alexandre Mattiussi. Since the establishment of AMI PARIS in 2011, it has produced lively men’s clothing with a touch of friendliness.

The brand’s main concentrations in their clothing creations are trendy styles and comfort. Its iconic bright red heart logo comes embedded on a visible front part of the cloth.

AMI PARIS creates a men’s collection for casual and streetwear. You can choose its charming sweatshirt, sweat sweater, hoodie, jacket, socks, polo shirts, t-shirts, caps, and many more.


Balenciaga features in vogue silhouettes on its collection. Despite making men’s clothing using various materials and logotypes, they also make clothing for women and kids. You will notice the creativity of this brand through its different wear, accessories, and shoes designed for all genders.

Examples of this brand’s men’s collection include shorts, coats, hoodies, baggy jeans, t-shirts, baggy trousers, blazers, and sweatshirts.

You will also find a Balenciaga shoe to fit any occasion and weather. For instance, boots, sneakers, sandals, home mules, and slides.

Accessories include belts, scarves, bags, caps, and small leather goods.


The Celine brand emerged from its founder’s name, Celine Vipiana. She established the brand in 1945 before she was 30 years old. Its brand survived because the Second World War was ending.

She started by measuring and making children’s shoes in Paris. Her services spread all over the country and caught the attention of the high-class people.

The encounter was fruitful because her prestigious clients encouraged her to create high-end fashion shoes for their children. The venture was successful, motivating her to do the same for women.

Celine’s first collection of accessories and leather goods was in 1960. In 1968, she ventured into making Celine sportswear collection. She decided to concentrate on Parisian clothing and shoe styles that feature simplicity, comfort, grace, and elegance during this time.

Celine’s elegant accessories have a French touch. They include sunglasses, wallets, travel bags, briefcases, and many more.

The shoes include an endless list of loafers, slippers, sneakers, and boots.

Men wear designers are many, but it may not matter if the clothing, shoes, and accessories don’t make you feel good.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has been famous for producing refined and luxurious, classy collections since its formation in 1966. The brand features a popular braiding technique done by leather, which was the brainchild of a woman behind the establishment of Bottega Veneta.

The exquisite collections from this brand mix leather with other outstanding materials, making the item top-notch and catchy. It’s also why clothing, shoes, and accessories from this brand balance freedom and restraint.

Bottega Veneta also creates leather items with its woven icon pattern. Daniel Lee, the company’s artistic director, works hard to ensure its production retains its definitive collection.

Customers today spoil themselves with the brand’s asymmetrical trench and woolen coats. You can also choose a nylon shirt or military ribbed pullover of your choice and size.

There are also endless long sleeves polo, flannel pants, cashmere jumpers, and other clothes to choose from.

The shoe lovers can choose from the brand’s low, fabric, tire low, military, and leather boots. There are also numerous sneakers, sandals, loafers, and leather shoes of different designs, sizes, and colours To accommodate everyone’s taste.

Accessories range from designer bags and small leather goods to belts that match your outfit.


The brand is renowned for making men’s luxury collections. It has maintained the trend since its formation in 1856. Burberry aims at making products that give men confidence and a statement. That’s why the brand advertises its collection as a ‘must have’ for every man.

Thomas Burberry, the Burberry founder, gave this brand a British touch with added innovations to give it a unique and classy outlook. That’s why the brand’s rain and trench coat not only look elegant but has become every man’s part of the wardrobe.

Burberry also sells various shirts, jumpers, scarves, trousers, hoodies, and shorts. You can also choose sneakers, sandals, and boots to match your outfit.

Accessories range from belts, hats, coin holder wallets, caps, cardholders, pouches, and many more.

The shoes are designed to suit your outfit and various weather conditions. They include leather check boots, Patterson sandals, check vintage printed and cotton sneakers, and monogram print sneakers.

Canada Goose

The Canadian cold-weather inspired the establishment of this brand over 60 years ago. Canada Goose produces optimal functioning men’s attire for extreme weather. Though thick, cosy, and elegant, the clothing is lightweight, making them ideal for people who love outdoor activities on a cold or snowy day.

The clothing collections are unique because of the innovation and passionate craftsmanship of the Canada Goose tailors. The materials used are of top-notch quality, making this brand’s collection, accessories, and shoes high-end products.

The parkas selection compromises superior, warm, and stylish pieces. They have a coyote fur hood or quilts to beat the challenging weather. Despite their bulky nature, the jackets allow free movement and look classic.

If you want to beat the cold weather in style, you can choose the various elegant, warm Canada Gooseneck sweater, hoodies, jackets, and parkas. You can also top up a warm cap or hat from the many varieties available.


Fendi has dominated the market for the last 100 years with its sophisticated and refined collection. The brand produces chic creations using high-end materials like genuine leather and fur.

With its location in Italy at Roman house, Fendi tries its best to express Italian elegance.

Silvia Fendi, a granddaughter to the founder, was the brain behind the Fendi men’s collection. Her ideas combine functionality with aesthetics. The men’s clothing comes with a contemporary twist that elevates their status, uniqueness, and good looks.

The accessories such as belts and bags feature modern classic looks. Shoe lovers can spoil themselves with the many varieties made with leather lace-ups that portray the Italian culture.


As illustrated above, trendy fashion designers for men are many. You only need to choose what goes with your budget and preference.

With such designers, you can comfortably build your wardrobe each season. It’s not a must you spend a fortune for your suitable looking attire, shoes, and accessories, but if you do, it’s worth every penny!

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