With Valentine’s Day approaching, for many it won’t just be flowers and chocolates on their minds, but also, performing in the bedroom. That’s why on February 14th, sexual wellbeing brand, Mojo, is erecting the 1-day ‘Mojo Helpline’, a WhatsApp, expert-led service focused on alleviating erectile dysfunction.

As well as treating your partner with gifts and affection, Mojo wants to raise awareness that February 14th also marks National Impotence Day, an annual health event to educate on erectile dysfunction. The ‘Mojo Helpline’ will allow sufferers to have a discreet conversation with a Mojo psychosexual expert if things aren’t quite going to plan, day or night.

The Mojo expert on hand will be offering both practical exercises to alleviate short term stress, as well as tips to practice on a long-term basis. No two men’s experiences are the same, so techniques and advice will differ depending on the individual circumstances. Mojo understands it takes two to tango, so partners will also be able to contact the WhatsApp service to also get tips on how to support their Valentine having sexual performance issues.

As well as the Mojo Helpline, the online platform has also launched the Partner Portal, a section of the site dedicated to stopping the misinformation and hurt that can often come from the internalisation of being with someone who has a sexual issue. This free resource will explain to partners what is going on when their man is struggling. It is full of useful tips on how to talk about such a sensitive issue and gives tutorials and exercises that couples can perform together.

Mojo is a one-stop-shop membership platform that offers a range of video courses with clinically-proven exercises and techniques from the best experts in mens’ sexual wellbeing. The £9.99 a month service, seeks to break the taboo of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation through around the clock community support, expert tutorials and clinically proven DIY solutions.

Angus Barge, Co-founder of Mojo, commented:

“We at Mojo aim to break down stigmas around sexual wellbeing, encouraging open and honest conversations around issues in the bedroom. We understand these issues can be intimidating and isolating, especially with the lack of resources that don’t involve little blue pills. The WhatsApp Hotline aims to connect the public with our experts and get things back on track so everyone can have a great Valentine’s Day.”

The WhatApp service will allow consumers to connect directly and discreetly with Mojo sexual wellbeing experts to get that all important advice to calm any worries or concerns. To connect with a Mojo expert text [+44 7990607051] on Sunday 14th February. For wider Mojo services, check out