After a year of screens replacing human contact and the virtual world being the only link to normality, we think it might be time for us to take a little break. If you’re like us, you’re desperate to get out into the real world to see real people, and it looks like the world may be heading towards it being safe to do so. As more of us across the UK are sure to be more active over the next few months, why not switch from your anxiety-provoking smartphone to one that is functional but focuses on the basics.

Can you imagine the last time you didn’t have notifications invading your life? If it’s not texts it’s Instagram, if it’s not Instagram it’s Twitter, and sometimes it’s all of the above! Being switched on to the viral world constantly can have some negative effects on our mental health, especially when we’re absorbing information from multiple sources. Why not make things a little easier on yourself leading up to the summer? Nokia has been working on two incredible alternatives for those who are looking to enhance the simple things in life. The Nokia 6300 4G and the Nokia 8000 4G are two of our favourite ways to switch off from the rest of the world, whilst still being accessible to the ones you care.

Nokia 8000 4G


If you’re really into your tech, you’d know that most smartphone brands have been launching new ways for their consumers to monitor their screen time, from setting timers to doing detailed daily evaluations. Why not go cold turkey and see the plus sides to switching off the grid? With the Nokia 6300 4G there are no hard decisions to make, you have two colours to choose from (white or charcoal), no debate on screen size or notch as this device only comes with a 2.4inch display. With 4GB of internal storage, it’s easy to keep all your important contacts in one place and even has Whatsapp to keep you that tiny bit more connected- no video calls or audio messaging though, so you’re really able to detach from social pressures.

If you’re looking for the same impact of separation but want a little bit extra, the Nokia 8000 4G may be the perfect combination of simplicity and style for you. It’s available in the same two colours as the Nokia 6300 4G and has the same 4GB storage, but the key difference is in the key features this device has to offer. It’s a great fusion of past meets present with its nostalgic feel, whilst also providing more access to Whatsapp, Facebook and even Google Assistant. With the glossy finish and built-in 4G wifi hotspot, you can cut yourself off from the selfies and TikTok’s without having to compromise on quality.

It’s been a tough year for everyone across the globe, and we’re all seeing the effects on our health. As we’re seeing more signs each week of things heading towards the new normal, let’s start to get in touch with the best things in life- the things that are real! Try a digital detox with a Nokia device today and thank us later!


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