There are several reasons why Vogue’s ‘73 Questions’ and Architectural Digest’s ‘Open Door’ series generate millions of views on YouTube. We are all fascinated by celebrity homes, whether it’s because you’re a fan of the celebrity, you enjoy being nosey, or you like to see how the other half live.

A recent survey has uncovered the common hues across celebrity homes, and how to recreate the colour schemes in our own homes. To do this, they created a colour palette scheme for the top 10 most viewed Architectural Digest videos of homes owned by the rich and famous and analysed each colour to find their match on Farrow and Ball.

Here are our favourite celeb homes and how to recreate their colour schemes

The most popular home is American rapper Wiz Khalifa, with his LA mansion generating a whopping 49million views. The palette of colours chosen for his Sherman Oaks home has one of the widest ranges of those analysed. This can be recreated with a lick of Lake Red, Brinjal, Middleton Pink, Blazer and Radicchio from Farrow and Ball. Khalifas’ in-home recording studio has a variety of deep reds and browns. The darker tones can help make a small room appear larger, as well as bringing the excitement factor to play up the strong walls.

Placing second is the Russian-German DJ Zedd, with a whopping 46million views on his $16million LA home. His 9,400 sq. ft Benedict Canyon mansion is kept up with both dark and light neutral tones, making it visually very restful and relaxing as well as generating a modern, stylish and luxury vibe. To recreate his cool toned living room, our expert suggests the Farrow and Ball shades Pavilion Gray, Dimpse, Calluna, Salon Drab and Oxford Stone.

In third is the American actress Jessica Alba, with 32million views on her $10million LA home. Not only does Jessica’s home take majority neutral notes, but also has hints of green in her bathroom and living room, which can promote calm and peacefulness. Our experts suggest investing in the Farrow and Ball shades Duck Green, Oxford Stone, Mahogany, Lulworth Blueand Plummett to recreate the actress’ striking bathroom at home.

In fourth is Robert Downey Jr. and his Hamptons home with 26million views. The Iron Manstar has a wide range of bold colours, consisting of everything from pinks, oranges and reds to blues, browns and greys, making his home the most colourful of those analysed. To recreate the Iron Man actors’ vibrant bathroom, our expert suggests Peignoir, Lake Red, Brinjal, Saltfrom the California Collection and Pink Ground.

In fifth is the LA home of YouTuber and prankster David Dobrik, with a small mix of deep browns and beiges, his abode reaches 24million views. To add a hint of spice to his neutral tone home, Dobrik has a bold purple hue in his podcast room. To recreate this vibrant scheme at home, add a lick of Sugared Almond from the Archive Collection alongside some neutral shades such as Mahogany, Oxford Stone, Slipper Satin and Tanner’s Brown to give you a pop of pizzazz.

Taking sixth place is Fifty Shades’ star, Dakota Johnson, with her gorgeous Hollywood home made up of deep browns and greens, generating 21million views. To create the actresses’ bathroom, our expert at Uswitch suggests combining a green shade (Emerald Green) with brown (Deep Reddish Brown) and a grey (Plummett) to achieve her chic colour palette.

Following behind in seventh place is Kendall Jenner with 20million views on her beige, minimalistic, cosy LA home. To incorporate her tranquil vibes into your home, our expert suggests a light to dark colour palette for your living room; starting with California Collection: Salt and Oxford Stone to Broccoli Brown, Deep Reddish Brown and Off-Black.

With 15million views in eighth is Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, whose lavish home features dark and neutral tones for a luxury feel. The singer has a hint of hot pink in her kitchen colour palette, which to recreate our expert suggests a lick of an exotic and adventurous pink such as Rangwali, along with calming browns, such as Broccoli Brown and Tanner’s Brown.

In ninth place is American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger with his $50million Plaza Hotel penthouse of deep browns and reds overlooking Central Park reaching 14million views. To incorporate the look of the designers’ lavish penthouse dining room, the Uswitch experts suggest Farrow and Balls’ Skylight, Mahogany, Ball Green, Red Earth and Eating Room Red.

Rounding off the top 10 is Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, with his custom wood and stone paradise in Idaho, generating 13million views. The home features a mixture of soft light colours to dark, which the Uswitch experts translate to cleanliness, tranquillity and luxury all in one. To recreate the actors’ bedroom with a combination of greys and browns, they suggest Brassica and Calluna paired with Brinjal and Dove Tale.

The full survey can be viewed here:

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