For everyone across the globe, the last year and a bit has been quite interesting. If you’re like most of us, it would have been spent watching the news constantly for various reasons, ordering takeaways to feel better from watching the news for various reasons and maybe moving your body slightly to switch from the news to Netflix. It won’t be like this forever, but whilst the world is still figuring itself out we have the ultimate way to both distract and soothe: we’re going to teach you how to look like a million from your sofa.

The idea of shopping in real life terrifies most of us; think back to the bustling crowds of Oxford Circus and people fighting over the last size 14 in Primark…horrific. The good news is, the cyber world has adapted quite nicely to the “new normal” everyone keeps mentioning. Whilst we wait for this so-called new way of living to feel more normal, why not find out our top tips for shopping like a millionaire without feeling like you have to wash your hands 70 times.

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If you’re still reading that means you’re curious about how to look like you’re heading to Monaco when you’re really just going to the next room that has a TV in it. Our first tip is always to shop for your body type. Since the rise of Instagram and face filters, we’re all feeling the pressure to have these impossible bodies (that people most likely pay for). Well, if you’ve been locked indoors for a year with the ability to have your shopping delivered to your door, you’ve most likely put on a few pounds and that’s ok! We are here to normalize quarantine weight because everyone has it and we’re all going to have to get rid of those jeans for a bit. If you’ve gone up a few sizes be honest with yourself and get your actual size, your clothes will last longer, you won’t have to breathe in between bites and you might even find new styles that suit you more! Even though it’s 2021 and all shops should be accommodating to all body types, not all brands have sizes for all of us, so if you have a particular style in mind shop around into new stores to see if you can find something bigger…and better. Hey, if looking like sausage casing is your style then rock on, but if you’ve been wearing sweatpants and pyjama bottoms since March 2020, we recommend that you be kind to yourself and look out for bottoms with an elastic waist.

Everyone has been guilty of buying from the first buyer they see; you don’t want it to go and you’re worried that you won’t find it anywhere else right? Wrong, remember to always look for the best bargain! Most online merchants have very very similar items, so if you head to one site and see that something is £40, pop over to another and you’ll find that the exact same item is on sale. Just because we’re trying to look like millionaires, doesn’t mean we have to burn through the bank. You’ll find that most millionaires stay millionaires by searching for bargains just like us! Sometimes using  Google Shopping helps more than you think, it’s literally doing the hard work for you. It will scour the web to find every single site that has the item you’re looking for available, and even displays it all on one page so you don’t have to tab hop. Plus, if you’re really into specifics, you can add the size and colour as well as other incredible details to refine your search even further- you could be looking like a million bucks in no time!

I think everyone I know has fallen at the hands of the seller ratings at least once in their lives. I can picture it now: you’ve been realistic with your sizing, you’ve bargain hunted and you’ve finally found the perfect item so you proceed to PayPal without even considering what could happen next. Before you know it, you get an item that is incredibly small, doesn’t have all tags attached or in some cases, it arrives an entire season late. It’s so important to look at reviews and read the details of the product before you purchase. These small prints and little warnings are there for a reason, to protect the seller! If you come across an item that appears to be perfect, scroll down and read the details – you may find that it says “buy two sizes up from your normal size” or “comes without tags”. As long as your prepared for what you’ve ordered everything should be fine! If you’re using sites like Ebay or Etsy, the seller will also put the item location-  make sure you pay attention to where your purchase is coming from so you don’t get any scary letters from customs or it doesn’t arrive months late for the first pub hang in months. One thing millionaires get used to pretty quickly is reading everything in detail before spending money. If you want to keep looking like a millionaire without having to return a package every day, look deeper than the surface.

One thing about online shopping is that it’s very hard to shop off-season. Once winter hits it’s almost impossible to get a hold of a bikini and once summer comes around good luck finding a nice winter coat. It’s always best to shop for the season you’re heading into when browsing online. Unlike the real-life shopping world, there won’t be a corner of the shop where you can find last-minute deals on hoodies in August. The best chance you have at finding some great items is shopping for now rather than later. If you’re looking to find something cheap and cheerful it’s best to hit the sites as soon as the seasons change so you can get first dibs. Sites are great at letting shoppers sign up for newsletters, so you can get an update straight to your phone for when the next batch is in. Don’t try and predict what your style will be ahead of time, be spontaneous and shop around for how you feel in that moment; kind of like how millionaires would go for random shopping sprees in whatever country they’re in. It’s exactly the same if you just close your eyes.. really really tight.



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