Google has revealed that 89% of parents and guardians believe that unhelpful commentary from the sidelines during youth sports games has a detrimental effect on both the player’s performance and the quality of recorded footage.

In a bid to empower the nation to erase unwanted sideline noise from youth football, that can hinder a game and negatively affect its players, Google has partnered with former England star Fara Williams MBE to bring a solution to the distracting noise: encouraging positive commentary back to the pitch side with the help of Audio Magic Eraser, a brand new video noise editing feature found on Google’s Pixel 8.

While many spectators and parents believe that their commentary is helpful, the research showed that the majority believe (89%) it can actually hinder the outcome of a game, and diminish treasured memories captured on video. Actions like shouting negative criticism at players, berating the referees, and attempting to coach from the sidelines were voted the most disruptive. Grassroots football often suffers from distracting commentary from guardians on the sidelines, which can ruin the enjoyment, and importantly, mean that capturing the moment might not make for the video we want to keep, but the feature in the Pixel 8 aims to showcase how taking these away can preserve the memory, and not only enhance the replay video, buy the sideline experience as well.

The brand new Pixel 8 has a brand new AI-powered feature that removes noise distractions from video, bringing out the sounds we care about in just a couple of easy taps.

Following the recent announcement of long-term partnerships with the FA and Premier League football clubs Arsenal and Liverpool, Google is now partnering with Fara to teach parents and spectators how to be more encouraging, motivational spectators and capture better memories using the Google Pixel 8. By using more positive commentary, such as ‘excellent shot!’ and ‘good effort’ (revealed as top of this list for most helpful things parents can call out at a youth sports game), parents can bring positive and encouraging sounds back to youth sports.

Google is giving kids football teams across the UK the chance to win their own Google Pixel 8. Winners will be able to use Google AI features to minimise audio distractions from videos, to bring out the audio they care about, and to create videos and memories to cherish.

The Top 10 Most Helpful Comments Made Pitchside at Youth Football Games. 

  1. Great job!
  2. Good Effort
  3. Nice save, goalkeeper!
  4. Excellent shot!
  5. What a goal!
  6. Support each other!
  7. Beautiful pass
  8. Chants and songs 
  9. Nice try
  10. Nice move

Laurian Clemence, Head of UK Product Communications at Google, said: “One of the best things to do after watching a football match, is to relive the moment by playing it back! Sometimes though, these moments can be marred by distracting and sometimes negative voices, which is why the Google Pixel 8, with its exclusive Audio Magic Eraser feature, empowers spectators to capture precious moments on the sidelines without the interference of distracting commentary. With the help of AI, this tool can encapsulate the true spirit of a game and ensure that your cheering is the only thing that you’ll hear when you press replay.”

To be in with a chance of winning a Google Pixel 8 for each member of your team and parents email with your club details. 

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