New research released by menswear brand Jacamo found that over a third (38%) of men do not feel confident about their bodies, with 20% saying they would like guidance on how to dress better for their shape.

A fifth (19%) of males blame the media for promoting unachievable standards of physical build, which consequently has a negative impact on body confidence.

The detailed report focuses on ‘The 2020 Man’, entitled the Modern Man-ual 2.0, it is a continuation of a report first released by the online retailer in 2015. This second edition highlights gaps in conversation when it comes to what it means to be a man today, both inside and out.

Outside of body image, when asked what they think are the most important qualities in a man, 74% said honesty and 73% good manners. To add even more substance to the ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ debate, 74% of men stated they do not think physical strength is key to ‘being a man’.

Looking into the qualities that men deem as showing success in their lives, health (57%) and mental health (52%) are the two biggest measures.

The research also found that a quarter of men don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone at all about their feelings and over half (58%) consider the pub to be their ‘safe space’ and are most likely to meet up with friends there, over anywhere else.

With all these emotions bottled up, on 28th November, Jacamo put its name above a pub, the Jacamo Arm-in-Arms, and encouraged men to come and talk more openly about their feelings. Open for one day only, it was a space for guys to understand one another better and freely express their emotions.

Panel talks with industry experts and sportsmen including Freddie Flintoff, Wasps rugby player Kearnan Myall, boxers Luke Campbell MBE and Dave Allen, were held throughout the day to encourage the conversation.