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As excitement builds for the final lifting of lockdown restrictions, family-owned spirits company, Bacardi is helping the nation embrace its return to freedom with the launch of its all-new ‘Guide to Going Out (Again)’.

Hosted on the UK’s leading nightlife comparison site, Design My Night, the spirits company behind premium drinks including BACARDÍ rum, GREY GOOSE vodka, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, MARTINI vermouth and PATRÓN tequila, has designed the guide to help people plan the perfect get-together this summer.

Developed with behavioural scientists to uncover the effects of the past year on the way we want to socialise, a short quiz reveals users’ post-lockdown persona, before serving up a carefully curated list of bars, terraces, picnic delivery services and at-home cocktail kits, that will best suit them.

Brenda Fiala, Global VP of Strategic Insights & Analytics at Bacardi commented, “We’re all experiencing a huge mix of emotions right now. Some of us can’t wait to party like it’s 2019, but understandably, some are more apprehensive and have learned to love their social bubbles. We developed our ‘Guide to Going Out (Again)’ to help people find the best options for them – whether that’s a BACARDÍ Coco’hut in The Club House Liverpool, or a GREY GOOSE Espresso Martini home cocktail kit for a late-night summer garden party – we want to inspire people with incredible ways to enjoy being together (again) with a cocktail this summer.”

The research reveals that most Brits fall into one of three tribes – The Slay At Homes, The New Pragmatics and The Mix-a-lots – and each has very different comfort levels in returning to social circles, as well as tastes in drinks, food and even music.

Sam Tatam, Behavioural Science Expert said; “Our research is based on the psychology of cognitive behaviours such as comfort, extroversion, openness, stability, and curiosity, and it was fascinating to see how this threw out our three personality types. Knowing yourself and what makes you happy – whether that’s mixing up a cocktail or embracing your love of staying home with a good box set – is incredibly empowering. We hope the ‘Guide to Going Out (Again)’ helps people get to know themselves better, so they can enjoy this super summer, exactly the way they want to!”

Whatever your vibe this season, the Bacardi ‘Guide to Going Out (Again)’ has got you covered. Whether you’re happier enjoying a freshly made and canned GREY GOOSE takeaway cocktail at London’s OXO Tower, or you’re ready to sip a BACARDÍ rum cocktail in a tropical paradise at Manchester’s Smithfield Social, there’s something for everyone.


The personas:


Who they are



Home is where the slay is!


This tribe prefers to have the dance floor or garden festival for just their closest crew, enough space to move and groove whilst spitting bars on a toothbrush and sipping on a cocktail delivered to their door.


They keep us waiting for their next appearance. And they’ve mastered the French Exit.


The zen master.


Despite destruction all around, this tribe maintains balance, calm, poise and creativity. They are the glue that holds their loved ones together. Once the ‘night out’ character, they now host with the most.


A chameleon – multiple transformations and a new re-emergence has made this tribe who they are now.

The life and soul.


Traveling from venue to venue, crowd to crowd, making new friends and taking the party with them wherever they go. This tribe knows when it’s time to dress up and get dancing!


One life, one chance, one full throttle experience waiting to happen.

What they’re drinking


Classic drinks, such as a Negroni, Daiquiri, Espresso Martini or a simple summer Spritz Longer cocktails – with a twist! Such as a classic Mojito with grilled pineapple or a Gin and tonic with basil and lemon  

Richer and darker spirits like spiced rum Old Fashionedtwists, and cloudy and frothy cocktails like a sub-zero Espresso Martini



What they’re wearing


Comfort is king, so athleisure, natch! Seasonal summer wear and festival threads All about dressing to impress and reinventing the latest trends

Where they’re spotted


In the garden or a park Outdoor roof terraces Anywhere and everywhere
Currently on rotation


Classic albums, classic anthems Chart toppers New, new, new music


Head to Design My Night to discover your tribe and getting planning.  

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