Change your mood with colour

As we battle with the freezing temperatures at the moment, stay indoors and brighten your mood with colour! Here are a couple of ideas to get you going…



The home is a canvas for personal expression; show your individuality through playful colour and pattern.

Colour palette 
Zesty pastel pops to add cheerfulness, with muted citrus shades and sunshine yellow taking centre stage. Play with sophisticated combinations of vibrant brights and retro browns on upscaled graphic stripes and prints. This palette of sunny brights, blended with retro darks, oozes modern sophistication. Flat matt finishes add impact.

Key colours

Graphic pattern and shapes / colour blocking. For example, checkerboard walls (with different colour paints), painting doorways in unconventional shades, painting a headboard onto your bedroom wall. Painting the floor rather than buying a rug. Painting your banister something other than grey or white.



The home becomes a healing sanctuary for restorative rest and recuperation. A wellbeing focus means soothing, calm and welcoming spaces appeal. Muted and softer schemes encourage a slowness, inviting householders to stop, breathe and take a moment of contemplation.

Colour palette
A meditative blend of icy neutrals. Blue becomes the new green – as research uncovers the positive effects coastal environments can have on our health, body and mind. Both pale blues and beige tones are pink-tinged for warmth, while a hint of spearmint green brings refreshing balance. Dark blue greys have become increasingly important as a neutral for woodwork in the home, providing a modern statement and an alternative to grey or white. A gentle cornflower blue and an icy off-white promote the restorative qualities of ‘the blue mind’.

Key colours

Using split colour paint walls for a modern minimalist effect. Making joinery features invisible by painting the same colour as walls. Textured gritty effect paints to add tactility in the home. Updating tiles and cupboards.


As well as 2,000 pre-selected colours available, Valspar’s state-of-the-art colour matching technology can scan, match and mix any colour the eye can see – that’s 2.2 million shades. Their wide range of high-quality interior and exterior paints provide optimum coverage on multiple surfaces including walls, ceilings, wood, metal and masonry, requiring fewer coats than leading competitors.

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