What to wear now: Scandinavian Fashion

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Even though they are not well-known outside of their native countries, Scandinavian clothing firms may be why this culture enjoys winter so much. This clothing’s clean, uncomplicated appearance is a significant reason why the Nordic style is so fashionable. In addition, they are composed of eco-friendly, high-quality materials and feature a practical design that makes no concessions.


All blues

Even if the jewellery industry in Scandinavia has not developed as rapidly as the apparel industry in the United States, we believe that will change in the following year. Frederik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge, who are friends, created the initiative All Blues for people of all ages and genders. Even though it has been in business since 2010, when it initially opened its doors, the Stockholm-based company is just now reaching its stride with cleverly designed and silver-recycled one-of-a-kind goods.


House of Dagomar

House of Dagomar is an excellent location to shop if you are concerned about the impact of your clothing on the environment. The brand launched its “Good Choice” eco-friendly subcollection a year ago, and it has pledged to raise the proportion of the entire collection that is ethically created and sourced sustainably. This will increase the proportion of ethically produced and sustainably sourced items to 85 percent. This collection focuses on refined essentials with a contemporary touch. 


Nordgreen watches

Ultimately, this company is unlike anything that most individuals outside the Nordic region have ever encountered. When you shop, you may be able to acquire an inexpensive Nordgreen watch that appears and feels pricey. This watch can be worn to the office and a formal dinner party, gala, or sporting event. Everything depends on you. The creators of Nordgreen Watches prioritised ensuring that their collection of Nordic timepieces adhered to Scandinavian design standards.


Louis Abel

Even if there is currently a great deal of competition in the market for sculptural jewellery, you will not find anything comparable to Louis Abel’s creations. Some of the company’s items, such as the swirling maelstrom earrings and the wavy rings, were inspired by natural phenomena. The mechanical engineering background of the company’s creator, Jimmy Loutfi, contributes to the uniqueness of each design, at least in part.



If the only thing that springs to mind when you think of Fjallraven is those adorable tiny backpacks with the red bubble text, you may wish to alter your perception. This Swedish firm may have entered the U.S. market with a novelty item, but the clothing and accessories they sell are in no way infantile or cutesy. Since 1960, Fjallraven has manufactured durable, long-lasting clothing for cold-weather sports that are important to the Nordic lifestyle. From windproof hiking pants to heavy-duty down coats and everything in between, this firm manufactures equipment that can withstand the most challenging situations. Fjallraven is one of the first fashion firms to pursue an ethical and environmentally responsible approach, which is the best aspect. 



Filippa K is a Swedish clothing label that dates back to 1993. It emphasises essential elegance. The fundamentals were executed admirably. The person in charge of design, Filippa Knutsson, does not care about trends. Because of this, both the menswear and womenswear collections emphasise timeless, versatile designs. Recently, the firm has prioritised environmentally friendly sourcing, and they have created a trench coat from recycled plastic bottles.


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