what to wear now: Reebok

Reebok unveils its latest Club C Legacy: the Club C Revenge Legacy. The new model takes inspiration from the well-known Club C Revenge to add elements of newness and speed to the Club C Legacy Collection, allowing Reebok to propel into the future while paying homage to its heritage.

The new contemporary icon brings in freshness through the modern design lines that the Legacy platform is known for like its futuristic take on the side stripes, which will appear out of the upper pattern with new design elements.

The Club C Revenge Legacy comes in two new models: one with color popped side stripes and the other with ripstop tech details on the heel collar and tongue. Both are constructed with rubber outsoles and leather uppers.


The shoes will be available to buy on Reebok.com from 15th April for 75.00 GBP.