what to drink now: COCA-COLA

Coca-Cola fans across the nation have shared that the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola is something that’s almost impossible to put into words and for the first time ever, the brand has captured the beyond words experience via a photo series captured by Anaïs Gallagher.

A drink that’s been uplifting the world for generations, there’s nothing quite like an ice-cold can of Coke and the brand commissioned Anaïs to capture the first sip reactions of some of the UK’s most expressive stars. From radio host and presenter Roman Kemp, rapper Lady Leshurr, social media sensation Saffron Barker, the inimitable Tayce, model Rina Lipa and actor Nathaniel Hall, the photo series captures the amazing reactions of the famous faces.

Anaïs, whose work focuses on candid, intimate, real life moments, was the perfect choice for the campaign and said; “Working with Coca-Cola on this shoot was such a fun challenge. I got to use my artistic outlet to bring to life a sensation that’s impossibly hard to put into words. So instead, we captured it in images!”


Tayce, said: “Everyone knows me as that queen that’s bubbly, unique and hard to describe – just like the taste of a Coca-Cola! Honey, that first sip is enough to make you say ‘OOOH!’”


Roman Kemp, said “I used to genuinely believe that going AAAAHH! after a sip of Coca-Cola makes it taste better and now, I can’t help but do it!”


Lady Leshurr, said: The best thing about drinking a Coke is the bubbles. I can’t explain it, it’s like a bubble party on my tastebuds!”


Saffron Barker commented,Everyone knows what Coca-Cola tastes like but it’s basically impossible to describe– there’s nothing else like it! A cold can of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is my go-to.”


Rina Lipa added, “Describing drinking a Coke is hard, but it makes me think of good times, making memories and of summer”.


Nathaniel Hall said, “Communicating the feeling of drinking a Coke through facial expressions has been so much fun. And no acting required!”

This photo series is part of a wider European campaign, Open That Coca-Cola, which features a TVC scored by Tyler, the Creator.


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