Introducing Beyond NRG, the next phase in energy drinks for gamers. Say goodbye to traditional high sugar, intensely caffeinated carbonated cans, and experience a surge of natural energy with the Beyond NRG fusion formula – a nootropic stack crafted to create a healthy formula with active ingredients that are on average, three times more advanced than the current UK esports supplement market leader – key to enhanced focus, cognitive function and so much more.

Beyond NRG has some HUGE fans in its corner… They have already partnered with Mortal Kombat 11 to create some fantastic limited-editions (Blue Raspberry Lemonade anyone?) as well as teaming up with some of the hottest names in esports, having just signed a sponsorship deal with the ESL Premiership.

Due to the global events of 2020, people have spent much more time indoors which has led to a massive influx in online interactions. Platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming now get daily visits from a much wider audience and this has helped drive demand, reception and appeal of the games industry.

There is a billion-pound global supplements industry all targeted towards fuelling your body for sport – but nothing which has been specially developed for gamers, until Beyond NRG.

During our quest to create the best gaming energy drink, we realised something. What if we could make a ‘pre-workout’ supplement but non-physical activity? Putting your brain into the right gear, with a rush of natural energy and zero crash. Especially if you’re a streamer looking for a boost on long sessions or a competitive gamer that needs to sharpen up focus.


How does it work?

Beyond NRG has a distinctive nootropic stack which contains a series of natural ingredients that are known to improve blood flow, enhance cognitive function, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. They have included these nootropics at a significantly higher level than in other energy drinks, so you get maximum benefit from these next-gen ingredients.

Beyond NRG’s energy boasts a unique ingredient – Coffeine. A naturally derived caffeine extract from green coffee beans that outrivals synthetic caffeine. This is a better source of energy for gamers over the likes of ‘Taurine’ – which is more suited to physical activity. The Beyond NRG experts have carefully selected a choice of energy ingredients has been optimised to work in sync with the nootropic stack, to create the ultimate gaming energy drink.

The Beyond NRG formula also contains essential vitamins and minerals that form part of our recommended daily intake. This combination has been crafted to support the needs of the ‘everyday’ gamer. Two scoops of Beyond NRG is all it takes to supplement the vitamins you may be lacking, through long periods of gaming.

All Beyond NRG products are sugar free, have less than 20 calories per serving, contain no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians.


Beyond NRG is available online at  and comes in tubs or sachets – starting at £1.50 for a single sachet, £23.99 for a Build-Your-Own Box (20 x sachets) or £34.99 for a 40 serving tub.

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