Verge Interviews: Isabella Blake-Thomas

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 05: Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (L) and Isabella Blake-Thomas attend The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on January 5, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/BAFTA LA/Getty Images)

Thanks to the lovely people at VIP PR London, I was granted an interview with Elizabeth Blake-Thomas and her daughter Isabella Blake-Thomas. This interview will be Isabella’s and if you have not already, feel free to check out the interview with her mum Elizabeth on Verge Magazine as well.

Isabella is a well-known actress, who began acting from a young age. She has starred in a lot of her mums own work and also well-known shows such as ‘Once Upon a Time’.

1. Starting from the very beginning, I would like to know how you initially got into acting. Was there anything that inspired you? I imagine your mother played a big part in this.

I started acting at the age of 4 in a show called “The Green Balloon Club” in the UK although my interest in acting began when I was just a baby. My mum used to run a theatre company in London and because of that, I was around creativity from a very young age. To use the cliché, It was in my blood, is completely true in this sense.

2. How did you set about achieving this dream?

My mum always taught me to believe in myself. She taught me that if I set my mind to something, I could achieve it. I’ve kept this advice with me throughout my life and it’s a great reminder that I am the only Isabella Blake-Thomas and I am unique. It’s an important thing to be reminded of, especially in this industry.

3. What was it like for you to move from Britain to LA?

The move from London was definitely more of a leap but LA just felt so “right” that it wasn’t difficult. A couple of factors went into the move. One of them was that my American agent suggested that in order to further my acting journey, I needed to be in LA. The other factor was, of course, the weather. Nothing beats bright blue skies.

4. Do you remember your first acting role? How did it feel at the time?

I don’t remember much from my first acting role actually. I was so young at the time that I only remember snippets. I do remember that my mum told me, that on my first day on set, she was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do but apparently I took to it like a duck to water.

5. What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far? 

My greatest achievement so far was probably winning my first award. There have definitely been multiple achievements that I’m proud of but there’s nothing like the feeling of your first award. Especially since I had no idea that I would be receiving an award at the time. The festival I was at, created a category just because they loved my performance so much. It was an absolute honour and a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.

6. How was it working in a show like Once Upon a Time and the other well-known shows you’ve done? It must have been a huge thing for you!

Working on Once Upon a Time was a magical experience. For the people that know me, they knew how much I loved the show before I was on it. I knew every episode like the back of my hand. Being on the show was such a dream come true. All of the cast were so kind and welcoming. They welcomed me into their family. I got to know a couple of the cast members really well. Jared Gilmore and I studied in set school together, Rebecca Mader and I are still in touch, I see Victoria Smurfit all the time and I’ve bumped into the other cast members at events in LA.

7. How do you find it being directed by your mum? It must be an interesting experience and I am sure you have nothing negative to say. (I won’t tell.)

Most people would think that being directed by a parent is tough but for me and my mum, it isn’t. We work so well together in our day to day lives that being on set is just an extension of that. I know what she’s thinking before she says it which means everything just gels together while we filming.

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8. What was it like for you release a single (‘Blame’) alongside your other projects? I do believe you have an EP on the way as well.

Music has always been a big part of life. My mum and I sing all the time. I started writing music in 2014 and since then, I’ve just continued to express myself through song. Releasing “Blame” was a big step for me. It was such a personal song that it was tough to put it out in the world for people to hear. My music is like a journal to me. Imagine having to publish chapters of your personal thoughts. That’s what it felt like. Once it was released, I couldn’t have been happier. It was received as positively as I could have hoped. I filmed a music video to accompany the single and that was released shortly after. My EP “Stronger” is set to be released on the 14th of February 2019 so I am super excited to hear what people think since it is quite different from what they’ve heard before.

9. What is your dream for the future? What do you hope to have achieved in a few years’ time?

My dream is to be a strong and empowered role model for other people. I want to continue being 100% myself on social media and show people that it’s alright to be your true self. It’s a struggle in this day and age to remember to be unapologetically you. My favourite quote at the moment is by Dolly Parton. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

10. Now being an actress in these times is not easy I am sure. How do you manage through that? And what advice would you offer to someone like you who might be trying to break into acting?

Being in the film industry has always been tough. There are always other people competing against you. Always other people with more experience. The way I manage through that is by remembering that the Casting Director and Director are going to pick whoever they think fits the part best and will do the role justice. My advice for anyone starting out it to remember who you are and stay true to that person. Be yourself because that’s why Casting will choose you. They like what you bring to the role. Only you can bring your life experiences into a character.

I hope this interview was inspiring to all. Thanks again to VIP PR London and Isabella Blake-Thomas for this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what else she achieves in her future. Also, check out her current single ‘Blame’! (linked below)