Verge Meets: Fadi Al-Shoabi

Fadi Al-Shoabi is a young, athletic bodybuilder who recently has turned professional. He now helps train people works out with them to give them hands-on training in the gym. We got the chance to have a chat with Fadi Al-Shoabi to learn more about his life as a bodybuilder.

Exclusive To Verge: A Picture Of Fadi-Al-Shoabi

What made you want to become a pro bodybuilder?

The first time I entered a gym was when I was 14 years old, all I wanted was to get fit, however, that changed very quickly as I started to become very ambitious and passionate towards the sport. I started training day after day to try to become somebody that stands out. I was inspired by a lot of pro athletes and bodybuilders and then seeing them encouraged me and made the hunger that I have for the sport grow to a limitless extent. Now I’m at a point where I found solace, found peace in something that allows me to express aggression and determination.

Can you tell us the most important tips to do while training?

Some of the important ones are that muscle will grow depending on the movement of the exercise, so you have to know how to do the training technique in the correct form otherwise you won’t see the results and you may expose yourself to injury. Training techniques will be coming out on my Instagram so make sure you follow!

What inspired you to do so much fitness week in and week out?

The best thing about bodybuilding is you only get out what you put in. Talent doesn’t play a part here, its all about hard work. The more you put in the more you get out – that’s what inspires and motivates me to be consistent with my training.

Food is important especially for a bodybuilder, what would diet tips would give and what is your meal plan?

Diet is very important, the main sources are carbs and protein as they help you increase muscle growth and muscle recovery. Also, increase your water intake; I try to drink up to 5-6 litres of water a day.  Your meal plan will depend on what results you are trying to achieve, for example, if you’re bulking you would need to increase your calorie intake, whereas if you’re trying to cut and lose weight you would have to decrease the calorie intake.

Sometimes there comes a time when the person runs out of motivation, what would you say is the best way to stay motivated and keep going?

There are certain things that you can do to keep motivated and to not slow down your progress. These are; getting a gym partner that has the same goal as you. Going to training in a place where you are comfortable and put yourself in an environment that pushes you. Set your goals and track your progress. Lastly, make sure you reward yourself, enjoy the journey and believe in yourself.

What do you think has improved since you’ve taken on this challenge and how do you feel knowing that you helped and motivated people to join you in your journey?

Besides the physical state, one of the main things that I think has improved in me is my mental state because you can say that you are going to achieve in a certain activity. However, if you don’t have the mental strength to weather the hard times and keep pushing you will fall behind somewhere down the road. Being asked how I feel to motivate people is a blessing and it truly motivates me.

What is your favourite exercise to do in your workout?

My favourite muscle group to train is chest day because I find it the most fun. My fourth exercise is dumbbell bench press which I find very effective and it isolates the chest very well.

While you’re not in the gym, what do you do in your spare time? 

If I’m not in the gym I would be getting on with my day to day activities while trying to get some good rest. It’s crucial for your body to rest as it helps you perform your best the next training session and get the best results possible.

 What’s next for your career as a bodybuilder?

 I am hungry for success so grinding and pushing forward is my only option. Next, in my bodybuilding career, I’m looking to improve massively and get sponsored by fitness brands. This is only the beginning!

Any advice for students looking to be bodybuilders?

My advice for the people that are going to start gym is that patience and staying consistent is key, this isn’t an overnight process and you won’t see results straight away but just keep at it and it will come eventually.