Travelling abroad – Top things for ‘to-do’ lists this summer

Holidaymakers are being urged to pack wisely before jetting off this summer and are being offered advice on the top things to check before travelling abroad. Experts at have identified the most important things that should be on every traveller’s to-do list this summer. Getting excited for holidays this summer may mean that travellers are likely to forget important items and the essential things to check before boarding the plane. From getting the right currency to packing appropriate clothing for the forecasted weather, it is key to double check luggage and to-do lists this summer.  

Check Foreign Travel Advice  

Before jetting off, it is important to check travel advice on the government website (both home country and holiday country). This will ensure that it is still safe to travel abroad and to check over any requirements for the destination, such as vaccination passes or visas.

Plug Adapters  

No one wants to travel abroad and realise they cannot charge their phone and other devices as they do not have the correct plug adapter. Check ahead before travelling and buy the correct travel adapter for the holiday destination.

Many airports also sell plug adapters, and they are easy to find online and on the high street. Some hotels and villas may already have plug adapters, so it is a good idea to ask before travelling. Consider buying a universal plug adapter if travelling to several different countries.


It is highly recommended to exchange some cash in the correct currency before travelling abroad. Also, prior to travelling, check with the bank to see if any debit or credit cards will incur charges when used abroad. It is advisable to get a travel card to use whilst abroad, as many of them allow free transactions and withdrawals when used overseas.  

Sun Protection  

This summer it is important to stay protected from the sun, especially when travelling to warm countries. Purchase a high factor sun cream, SPF moisturiser and lip balm. Also pack essentials such as sun hats and sunglasses to remain protected from the heat. As nice as it may be to lie on the beach all day, no one wants to be burnt from sun damage, so be prepared and pack sun protection.  

Research The Destination  

Many of us will already have a to-do list whilst abroad in a foreign country, perhaps seeing the famed sights and trying local cuisine. As well as researching fun things to do, also look into any local events which may be taking place. There may be some new activities to try out, and it is worth checking to see if there are any events which could impact travels to be prepared. 

Appropriate Clothing  

Check ahead before travelling off this summer to see the local weather report. It is worth amending the packing list to ensure that the clothing fits the temperature. Even when holidaying in sunny destinations it is be recommended to pack a lightweight jacket for the colder evenings. Pack a foldable rain jacket in case it is forecasted to shower, and bring comfy shoes for day to day wear, especially for any hikes or walking tours.  


Both for the plane journey and the holiday itself, some sort of entertainment should be on the ‘to pack’ list. Whether it be a book, headphones for music, or a film that has been downloaded, make sure that being bored on holiday will not be a concern. Pack activity books and download TV shows for little ones prior to travelling as well, especially if the travel time is expected to be long.  

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