Craft beer fans who want to do some good whilst enjoying a cold beer this summer need look no further than Endangered Brewing, which launches today in the UK. Endangered Brewing is a new planet-friendly, premium craft beer that offers conscious drinkers a beer with purpose: for every can sold, Endangered Brewing will donate 10% of profits to help protect the planet’s most endangered species. To ensure each sip packs a punch, the brand has partnered with The Born Free Foundation, a global animal charity that’s passionate about wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation.

Each beer from Endangered Brewing is associated with an endangered species with a unique story to tell. The brand is launching with two, signature craft beers – The African Wild Dog Lager and the Pangolin Pale Ale – highlighting two animals that currently face major threats including habitat destruction, wildlife trade and climate change. Pangolins are believed to be the world’s most trafficked mammal and account for as much as 20% of all illegal wildlife trade, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With their tasty approach to raising awareness and support, Endangered Brewing’s ultimate goal is to one day be able to remove each animal off it’s cans – a sign that the species is no longer considered threatened.

From production to profits, sustainability and planet protection is at the heart of Endangered Brewing. The brand uses local, raw materials: all hops and malts are sourced within the UK, and the cans and labels use sustainable and recyclable packaging. Vibrant labels featuring original artwork by renowned wildlife artist Marc Allante, enable drinkers to learn more about the conservation of endangered animals whilst enjoying their choice of tipple.

The first two signature beers from the brand have been brewed with taste and accessibility in mind. The African Wild Dog Lager has a golden and fresh character; craft lager fans will enjoy the complex aroma with subtle notes of spice and vanilla profile. The Pangolin Pale Ale, on the other hand, has a unique, tropical flavour profile while maintaining the delicacy of UK hops. It has complex bitterness with notes of citrus and tropical fruit, most notably mango.

Endangered Brewing’s premium quality beer offers a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to the complex world of craft beer. The refined range has a lower ABV at 4.0%, and helps conscious drinkers navigate the extensive craft beer landscape by providing a light and refreshing choice that aligns with their values.

Planet-conscious craft beer lovers can get their hands on Endangered Brewing’s African Wild Dog Lager and Pangolin Pale Ale from June 14th via their website For more information and to stay up to date on new releases, follow Endangered Brewing on Instagram  and Facebook.



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