Sneakerhead Starter Pack

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Won a raffle on Nike SNKRS app? Beat the line for a sold out drop? Then you’ve gained your right of passage to becoming a sneakerhead. Amongst the IG sneaker accounts, raffles and hype beasts it’s easy to get lost, but fear not, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of must haves to secure your sneakerhead status. New year, new shoes, new you? Welcome to the game.

1. Jordan’s

Image provided by StockX
Image provided by StockX

Not just any Jordan’s but specifically the 1’s, 4’s and 11’s. The timeless design combined with the unfolding of Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame legacy turned sneakers from being fashion items to essential statement pieces. The designs have storylines and are the cause for camp outs, raffles and endless queues. This is where sneaker culture really started, with a true timeless classic.


2. Yeezy’s

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When Kanye West took his talents to Adidas, did the Yeezy jump over the Jump Man? One thing it did do was make Ye the first none athlete with a successful sneaker line. Drop after drop the limited releases flooded the streets with it’s comfort, easy to match style and evolving design. You’ll always know a Yeezy when you see one and you’d be doing yourself a disservice without one.


3. A Collab Shoe

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Image provided by StockX

On their own they make a statement, together they’re started a fashion revolution. Off White x Nike, Kendrick Lamar x Reebok even Ben & Jerry’s x Nike the possibilities are endless. Collab’s brought together icons from different worlds to create a brand new subsection in sneaker culture. Even high end fashion got inspired to try the fit. Whether it’s a celebrity, luxury brand, artist or something unexpected, some of the most desired and sought after shoes are collab’ s. What’s your dream crossover?


4. A Grail

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This is your most prized possession, YOUR precious. Step out in these and not only are you turning heads of those in the know, you’re also captivating the eyes of general passer-by’s. These are the shoes you see more in trophy cabinets than on feet. Owning one of these is like owning an infinity stone. Every sneakerhead has at least one in their collection and it always comes with a story. What will yours be?


5. Sneaker pages

Now you’ve formed your sneakerhead foundations, you’ll want to add to build on your collection. To do that you need a way to keep up with upcoming releases, how to cop and if they lived up to the hype. Keep your head in the game. Stock X, Nike SNKRS app, Hypebeast and Sneakernews are just a few for news on future drops to add to your calendar and wish list.

Overslept and missed out on a drop? Couldn’t hit on the raffles? Or want to get your hands on any of the shoes listed? Stock X has you covered. The official verified sneaker and fashion resale market.

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