It has been known for a long time that Brits love to chat, but recent research shows that the long-standing fascination of the United Kingdom with talking about the weather has now been officially usurped, with 72 percent agreeing that they are now talking more about the telly than the weather! 

So it’s no wonder that 36 percent of us say that TV and film are at the top of the list of things that have helped keep the spirits of the nation up over the past year, with 44 percent exclaiming that TV and film were so important because they made it possible to avoid the pressures of the day.

New research commissioned by Sky shows that 44 percent of Brits agree that they like to chat about TV and movies they have recently seen over the last 12 months while keeping their minds off the serious topics of COVID-19 or Brexit, while the lives of their children (35 percent) and pets (29 percent) emerged as other subjects that Brits love to talk about to peers, friends, family, and strangers.

With 89 percent claiming that small talk is crucial in making people feel connected and part of the community, Chit chat is more important than ever, and the latest research shows that the UK typically spends an hour a day on average shooting the breeze with everyone from shopkeepers (59 percent) to colleagues (40 percent) and delivery drivers (40 percent).

Brits have most enjoyed talking about the telly in the last year, with 41 percent saying that chatting about their favorite characters’ lives and storylines has helped them through a difficult time. 31% said they enjoyed talking about the newest boxsets and episodes. In reality, Brits spend an average of 2.5 hours a month talking about TV plot twists and 3 hours a month chatting about unexpected endings. The study also revealed that 3 hours a month will be spent ranting about bad people on TV, while another 3 hours will be spent talking about moments that made viewers laugh or tear. 55 percent of Brits also confess that they watch TV shows purely to stop FOMO on the conversations of anyone else.

More than a third of people said they were looking forward to discovering new TV shows and films in 2021, and this year Sky will strengthen its catalog of options with its largest TV and film line-up ever. With a major jump in original films and documentaries, more than 125 original shows, films and specials will air in 2021, a 50 percent rise from last year!

Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content, Sky UK and Ireland, commented: “As a nation Brits have earned a reputation for our chit chat being focused on the weather, but our research reveals that the last year has seen TV taking over the top spot in the nation’s small talk. Clearly during such a tough period, unmissable TV and films have played a big part in bringing friends, family and colleagues together. And now, during a time where we’re still spending a lot of time at home, we are pleased to be bringing more top Sky quality TV and film content to the UK such as To Olivia, The Nevers, Landscapers and ZeroZeroZero that are sure to provide some much-needed escapism. No need to ever talk about the rain again!”

In the last year, a whopping 79 percent have watched more TV, and 30 percent of those believe it’s because better content has been available to watch. 2021 sees Sky bringing to the UK’s screens a raft of unmissable TV and movie material, including new original films A Boy Called Christmas, the live action adaptation of Save The Cinema, a British film based on actual events, starring Samantha Morton and Tom Felton, and the best-selling novel by Matt Haig. As well as Intergalactic, a brand new Sky Original jail break thriller, a documentary covering the peaks and lows of one of Bruno v Tyson’s most affectionately remembered rivalries in boxing, and the return of Sky’s much-loved smash-hit sitcom, Brassic –now in its third season, which is perfect for the 28 percent of individuals who are most looking forward to their favorite show returning this year for a new season.

The kinds of TV moments that the country wants to speak about vary around the nation, with Mancunians preferring unpredictable ends (58%) and Glasgow can’t suffice with cliffhangers (57 percent). As a country, Brits are also getting excited about what kinds of TV they can talk about this year with Brummies desperate to talk about real-life drama like Landscapers (38 percent), (38%), which discusses the lives of convicted murderers Susan and Christopher Edwards, while residents of Nottingham are ready to get into documentaries such as Bruno vs Tyson (36%), which covers the highs and lows of one of the most affectionately remembered rivalries of boxing.

However, when it comes to spending the time of day with strangers, there are certain subjects that are off limits, discussing your sex life emerged as top, with 61 percent, . How much you earn (52%), religion (46%), a messy break-up or relationship issues (44%) and politics (36%) have emerged as topics to avoid. With only four percent of the 1,500 respondents polled saying that they avoid it at all costs, 25 percent of Brits described their small talk skills as “excellent” And according to the poll, almost eight out of ten Britons believe that women are better than men at small talk.

Start your year of unmissable TV with Sky with amazing new original TV shows, the best gripping homegrown and foreign drama and brilliant movies coming straight to your living room.

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