New Samsung UK & Ireland research lifts the curtain on the current Soft Living craze. Soft Living is the trend when you adopt decisions that leave you stress-free, ‘vibrating higher’, to feel harmonious by setting boundaries and prioritising yourself. It is otherwise known as a more common sense of wellness.

The ‘soft life’ trend is believed to have originated from within the Nigerian influencer community, and is now being widely adapted across the globe. Over 80 per cent (82%) of Brits are interested in exploring this way of life further. Respondents cited reasons such as struggling to truly relax and switch off and prioritising their mental health as more important than ever, and this year feeling particularly difficult.

Although a third of Brits have previously used a health app or smartwatch to set wellness goals or track their steps, they have yet to consciously use technology to help incorporate Soft Living into daily life. Samsung’s research reveals nearly a third (29%) are unsure where to start or don’t feel there is enough info on how to incorporate the Soft Life trend into their everyday lives.

Yet, without realising it, 55% of Brits have been opting for the simplest activities Soft Living actually has to offer, including walking regularly (43%), listening to music (39%) and reading (39%) without even knowing it.

With Christmas around the corner, this is the period most people have fallen off the bandwagon and started disregarding their wellness regimes ahead of the festivities. But, with this year’s low-key wellness trend, young adults can remain inspired to stay focussed during the party season. As ‘Soft Lifers’ are opting to continue practices such as healthy eating and cutting back on their alcohol through December as small steps to making them feel better.

Coach and #TeamGalaxy social influencer Tom Trotter adds: 

“Soft Living has been a way of life for a while now. My favourite hacks are considering what I eat and ensuring I stick to a healthy, nutrition-rich diet that fuels and energises me. In addition – incorporating movement into my daily routine – even if it’s just a long walk, is very important, which is why I’m loving the Watch5 as it monitors my activity and allows me to set goals. It’s also important to have fun in the process and never take myself too seriously. I like to get in the zone, and music helps to take me there. Truly immersing myself in that moment is key.”

Tom’s Top Soft Life hacks to Feel More and Move More:

Remind yourself why. Whether you want to feel calmer and more relaxed or focus on moving more physically, everyone’s aims and goals differ, so don’t compare your soft life practices to the next person.

  • The key to adopting these practices is focussing on how they make you feel – when I physically move more, I feel better in myself, but you need to find what makes YOU feel best and take control of that. Wellness doesn’t have to lead with physical fitness.
  • Make time and allow yourself to get into that moment. Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro can offer next-level audio guaranteed to help you get into your zone due to its Active Noise Cancelling feature, whether doing a hard-core hit workout, a simple stroll around the block or a relaxing meditation.
  • Likewise, the Galaxy Watch5 tracks your activity from breathing exercises and sleep tracking, allowing you to adopt the soft life to suit you, even at this hectic time ahead of Christmas.
  • Tom Trotter has collaborated with Samsung to create a miniseries of Soft Living content. The first instalment can be viewed on his TikTok channel here: https://www.tiktok.com/@tomtrottercoaching/video/7177666160232533253?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=en

To find out more about Samsung’s Wearable devices, please visit: www.samsung.com/uk/audio-sound/galaxy-buds/

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