OK Google – let’s work up a sweat with fitness from the living room

Home workout searches on Google rose by 44% in January alone, when compared to December* – and with 65%** of Brits buying activewear in the last year, it’s clear that we’re all eager to stay on top of our fitness regime.

Following in the footsteps of the food and beauty industry, fitness, aided by technology, is the latest member of the club to bring consumer needs straight to their living rooms. Whilst we’d all love to use the latest in-house interactive spinning bike or build a home gym in our basement, this isn’t always a realistic or cost-effective option. However, there are more accessible options to exercising and getting healthy from the home, such as Home Hub.

Already a favourite for helping in the kitchen, Home Hub can also be used to workout whenever desired, with the benefit of built-in routines and structured classes.

Helping you to get the most out of your living room session, Home Hub offers Fitstar, a 7-Minute Workout from a virtual Personal Trainer, providing both cardio and strength training options. An easy way to incorporate a workout into a pre-work morning routine or when getting to the gym isn’t possible. To ensure distractions don’t get in the way, reminders and alarms can be set from Home Hub the night before.

As well as Fitstar, Home Hub’s built-in screen means a plethora of YouTube workouts are also available to view, simply by saying ‘OK Google play…’ followed by the desired routine or favourite exercise instructor. For those simply looking for some motivational music, Spotify playlists of choice can be voice-activated, so that you can turn down the tempo for stretching – even from the floor.  You can even set a timer, when pushing through that one minute plank.

Please find more information on Google Home Hub below, including the latest deals, images and pricing. As inspiration for your reader, a list of the most viewed YouTube home workouts can also be found below.

Price: £139.00

Current deals: Receive a free Google Home Hub with every Pixel 3 XL contract started through Vodafone

Availability: Google Store, Currys PC World, Maplin, John Lewis & Partners, and Argos

Colours: Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, and Aqua