Mylee Expert Shares Top Factors Sabotaging Your Mani’s Longevity

There are few things better in the world of beauty than perfectly polished nails after a pampering manicure – and few things worse than a ruined one. Luckily, Mylee leads the way in the realm of at-home nail care, with innovative, top-quality products and accessible expertise to ensure that salon-standard easy fixes and must-have products remain at your fingertips.

Tinu Bello, Senior Mylee Ambassador and celeb manicurist, describes common mistakes and bad practices that are undermining nail health and substantially diminishing the longevity of manicures.

1) You’re Not Properly Prepping

“One of the most overlooked aspects of a lasting manicure is proper nail preparation. Skipping this step can result in polish not adhering well to the nail surface, leading to premature chipping. Always start with clean, dry nails, and gently buff the nail surface to remove any oils or residue. A quality nail primer such as Mylee’s 2-In-1 Nail Prep & Wipe can also help create a smooth base for polish application.”

 2) Incorrect Application Technique

“The difference between a good mani and a great one is all about correct application. Avoid thick, uneven coats or applying polish too close to the cuticle as this can result in premature chipping and peeling. Instead, apply thin, even coats, leaving a small gap between the polish and cuticle to prevent lifting. Additionally, try ‘sealing’ the edges by applying a coat of polish along the edges of your nails after you’ve painted them as this can help reinforce your manicure.”

 3) Exposure To Water

“Whilst water is essential for many daily tasks, prolonged exposure can wreak havoc on your manicure. Water causes the nail plate to expand and contract, leading to polish lifting and chipping. To prolong your manicure, wear gloves when washing dishes or engaging in activities involving prolonged water exposure.”

4) Lack of Maintenance

“Nail care is self care! Without proper mani maintenance, the longevity is significantly reduced. Everyday activities such as typing, opening cans, or even simple hand gestures can cause wear and tear on your nails. So, to preserve your manicure, be mindful of how you use your hands and consider wearing gloves during activities that may put stress on your nails. Regularly apply a protective top coat every few days to refresh the shine and durability of your manicure.”

 5) You’re Skipping Top Coat

“A quality top coat acts as a protective barrier, sealing in the color and adding an extra layer of durability to your manicure. Skipping this essential step leaves your polish vulnerable to chips, scratches, and fading. Invest in a high-quality top coat such as Mylee’s No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish, formulated to resist chipping and extend the life of your manicure.”

If you’re looking to refresh your home mani set, here are some of the products that your new kit just can’t do without:

Mylee 2-In-1 Nail Prep & Wipe (£7.50)

This multi-tasking product is used on a lint free wipe and sanitises the nail plate and prepares it for gel application to ensure perfect adhesion of gel polish. It can also be used to remove the tacky layer from gel polish once cured.

Mylee White Nail Buffer Sanding Block (£4.50)

Gently buff your nails with Mylee White Sanding Block 180 Grit. This provides a gentle rough surface on the nail bed for gel polish to adhere to and stop any lifting or peeling. This small but mighty buffer can also be used to buff gel polish prior to removal.

Mylee 2 Foam Double Sided Nail Files (£4.00)

Gently prep your natural nails before gel polish application with the 180 grit side. When it’s time for a refresh, buff the gel down with the 100 grit side for an easy removal.

Mylee No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish (£9.99)

This glossy No Wipe Top Coat from Mylee offers protection for your polish, shielding it from chipping and scratching and ensuring salon-quality results that last up to 3 weeks! With no tacky inhibition layer to remove, you’re good to go once cured.

You can browse for nail inspiration, read more about Mylee, and shop the range of nail polishes and mani kits right here.

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