How New Technology Brings Live Gaming to Your Home

Gaming experience has changed in so many ways in recent years, and the online gambling sector is a leader in making gaming as exciting as possible. That now includes live casino games online, which are as close to going to a local venue that you can get without leaving your home. Of course, none of this has been possible without some massive leaps in technology.

In recent years, it’s only been that live casino games – also known as live dealer games – have become a significant part of an online gambling site. Rather than play traditional games on an animated table, using sophisticated random number generators to determine the outcome, you can now settle down and play with a real dealer at a proper table, dealing real cards or operating a genuine roulette table. It’s a sophisticated form of entertainment, that’s for sure.

Expert designers create live studios from where these games are streamed live to online gaming platforms. Not everyone can go to a brick-and-mortar casino, and during the pandemic, local casinos were temporarily closed anyway, so the live casinos available online became even more important.

Whether you use a computer, tablet or even your mobile phone, you see a highly trained live dealer with whom you can interact. The dealer is in front of a playing table that is just like that in a real casino. You can see other tables in the background, so the feel of a live casino is there. The use of several cameras allows this to happen. Some live casinos even have televisions visible in the background. This helps prove that what is happening is live and not recorded.

There are so many sites that offer live dealers, all of which can be trusted because they are licensed (in the UK, that will be by the UK Gambling Commission). Live streaming is what you see happening in real-time. The chances of poor buffering where the screen freezes just at the most important moment are slim (unless your own internet connection is terrible).

The live streaming technology allows interaction with the live dealers, who are trained professionals. It’d be a shame if it were impossible to chat to those dealing out the cards or spinning the wheel. You can then see them open the pack of cards and shuffle them, so it’s all fair and above board.

Technology now makes this possible. You can also chat with the other players at the table and see how they are getting on. This is possible thanks to the live chat technology. Just imagine the fun you can have if you already know the other players. All of this makes the online experience even more like that down at your local land-based casino.


Live casino roulette from Evolution’s studio

Information is crucial when playing casino games. For example, the recent numbers that have come out in roulette. Having access to all such information is available when playing online. There is also information about the playing rules available on the screen. This is helpful as some games, like roulette, have slightly different playing variations.

This is achieved by the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that follows all the suits, card symbols, wheel numbers and dice combinations in the various games being played. It means when you are playing blackjack, for example, your betting options (like hit, stand, double down or split) match the cards you are dealt.

This data is then cross-referenced in a database with the results shown overlayed on the screen. This technology also means that the results of live casino games are displayed almost immediately. No slow-paced games here!

Financial security is, of course, an important issue, especially online. The use of encryption means people are more willing now to share their financial details and play at online gambling sites. All possible precautions are taken to ensure that the money in your account is safe from fraudsters. Of course, it has to be said that it’s not all about playing these games at home. It’s now possible to play these games anywhere you want on your mobile devices or tablets. Just download the online gambling site’s app, or even simply play in your mobile browser.

You can see that playing at online live casinos is new and exciting. Technology will keep on advancing, so what is on offer is likely to be even better in the future.


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