A bunch of red roses is a Valentine’s Day classic, but unless the time is taken to shop around romantic Brits could be paying prices up to 221% higher than the cheapest bouquet.

Research from leading savings site,, analysed the cost of a bunch of 12 red roses sold online to find the retailer that provides the most bang for your buck.

Of the retailers studied, offers the cheapest dozen at only £14.95 or £1.25 per single rose. Funky Pigeon follows behind at £19.99 per dozen, equating to £1.67 per stem – but this is still 34% more expensive than the cheapest option.

Next, eflorist, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose all provide bouquets for £25 and under, however this could cost up to 67% more than the cheapest available option.


Online retailer Cost of 12 red roses Cost of 1 red rose £14.95 £1.25
Funky Pigeon £19.99 £1.67
Next £22.00 £1.83
Eflorist £24.99 £2.08
Marks & Spencer £25.00 £2.08
Waitrose £25.00 £2.08
Home Bargains £26.99 £2.25
Prezzy Box £29.99 £2.50
Serenta Flowers £29.99 £2.50
Haute Florist £31.00 £2.58
Prestige Flowers £32.99 £2.75
Appleyard Flowers £32.99 £2.75
Clare Florist £33.00 £2.75
Amazon £36.99 £3.08
Bunches £38.00 £3.17
Interflora £48.00 £4.00


At the higher end of the scale Interflora sells the most expensive bunch by a staggering distance. A dozen red roses from the retailer will set you back a whopping £48 – that’s 221% more than the cheapest bouquet of those analysed. Online florist Bunches is not far behind at £38 per dozen, costing 154% more than the cheapest bunch available.