GDK Embarks on Mission to Bring Doners Into the Daylight

Premium kebab chain German Doner Kebab is undertaking an important challenge: to alter the perception of the humble kebab from a night-time guilty pleasure to a food worthy of the daylight. To mark the mission, the fast-food favourite is treating diners to £5 kebabs until 11th July.

The new campaign showcases how GDK differs from the norm, focussing on the high quality of the food as well as the fresh ingredients and excellence of the GDK experience at all times of the day – and for those who might not necessarily opt for a doner kebab as their choice of meal.

The classic British staple is much loved by the nation and beyond. GDK has partnered with rapper Ms Banks who swaps raps for wraps in the latest billboard adverts, and the chain has also recently been linked to popstar royalty Taylor Swift, who placed a £450 order for doner kebabs ahead of her UK tour.

As one of the nation’s rapidly expanding restaurant groups, GDK boasts over 140 locations across the UK. Known for their innovative approach, they introduced the UK’s first pink kebab in 2022, followed by their breakfast doner range, and a plant-based doner ‘meat’ earlier this year.

GDK’s commitment to quality is clear in their choice of ingredients: premium, lean cuts of meat, fresh vegetables sourced locally, and unique signature sauces made daily at each restaurant. Their Turkish-style bread is hand-made and toasted with GDK’s distinctive waffle pattern. The food is freshly prepared to order in open-style kitchens, allowing customers to witness the freshness and process behind the making of the restaurant’s renowned kebabs.

GDK Global CMO, Dr Thorsk Westphal, comments:

“We can’t wait for people to see the new campaign for GDK, showing how our range of meals is perfect for any time of day. It’s time to recognise the mighty kebab as the go-to hunger smasher, whether it’s day or night, just like it’s already seen and enjoyed in its home country Germany.”

GDK has evolved into a lifestyle brand intricately connected with local music, fashion, and sports scenes. Recently, the brand has experienced rapid expansion, with over 170 restaurants across the UK, continental Europe, and the Middle East. And there’s more coming up – plans for future growth include new locations in the USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

The £5 OG Doner Daylight Deal is available to dine in or take away from all German Doner Kebab locations (excluding Baldock) from open to 8pm until 11th July.

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