FLUÈRE hero label to inspire livery for Andretti United Extreme E

FLUÈRE, a category leader in distilled non-alcoholic spirits, is celebrating its Principal partnership with Andretti United Extreme E by creating a series of bespoke non-alcoholic cocktails to reflect each unique racing location the team will visit over the course of the season.

Extreme E is the world’s premier electric off-road racing series, with race locations Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Greenland, Brazil & Argentina chosen to raise awareness of climate change across a diverse set of environments. Lac Rose, Senegal, will host the second round of the inaugural Extreme E Championship, with Anglo-American team Andretti United looking to return to the podium for their second outing.

Inspired by Lac Rose, FLUÈRE label Raspberry Blend will sit at the heart of its non-alcoholic cocktail. Due to its high altitude and high salt content, algae in the natural water of Lac Rose turns pink. Coupled with traditional Senegalese drinks favouring ginger and hibiscus infusions, FLUÈRE has brought these flavours and colours together to create Raspberry Tinted Racing.

With each Extreme E race visiting a distinctly unique part of the world, FLUÈRE wants to encourage people to be in the moment surrounding each race, pairing one of its labels with each location to host a race. Consequently, the Andretti United Extreme E vehicle livery will be changed to reflect the hero label and signature non-alcoholic cocktail of the specific race.

Owned by fast moving consumer goods business, Next Frontier Brands, FLUÈRE aligns with the parent company’s ambitions to meet consumer demands for innovative beverage, wellness, and lifestyle brands that deliver superior experiences. Sharing Andretti United’s passion for raising awareness for environmental damage as well as sporting excellence, FLUÈRE and Next Frontier Brands’ partnership with the team is one built on shared values.

Commenting on FLUÈRE’s signature cocktail debuting at the Ocean X-Prix in Senegal, Roiby Gonzalez, Chief Marketing Officer at Next Frontier Brands, explained: “FLUÈRE is all about embracing the moment and enjoying incredible experiences. We wanted to create a signature non-alcoholic cocktail for the upcoming Extreme E race, that intimately reflects Lac Rose, celebrates the unique race location and the cultural nuances of Senegal to add another dimension to the experience for people at the race as well as home watching.

“There are several FLUÈRE labels that we will be championing through our partnership with Andretti United Extreme E; with the car livery changing for each race.”

Roger Griffiths, Andretti United Extreme E Team Principal added: “The partnership between the team and FLUÈRE is a truly exciting one. There are so many shared values that sit at the heart of what we are doing together within Extreme E.

“The ambition to raise awareness for environmental damage and drive a purpose led message around the team’s racing endeavours align with FLUÈRE’s commitment to celebrating the parts of the world that we will race in. In doing so, the spotlight is being shone on these areas, and how we can all play a part in help create a better world of people.”


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