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The last 18 months have separated us from the people, places, and pastimes we love, with cancelled plans, travel restrictions and postponed events. And last year’s Eurovision Song Contest was no different. We missed the outlandish contest that brings Europe – and Australia – together on one stage. But finally, this year the unique songs, flamboyant performances, and legendary props are back.

While we might not be able to travel to our favourite destinations just yet, the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is opening up Europe to everyone again. For Eurovision-wanderlust, when it’s safe to travel again, Booking.com, the Official Travel Partner of Eurovision Song Contest 2021, has compiled a list of destinations and accommodations inspired by some of this year’s most catchy songs to further excite fans across Europe ahead of the highly anticipated song contest.


Australia, “Technicolour”

This year Montaigne will represent Australia with her hit ‘Technicolour’ and those inspired by her colourful lyrics and performance looking for their own kaleidoscopic stay down under won’t be disappointed by the often-bright blue skies, golden sands and ochre earth of the country’s beautiful and varied landscapes.

Despite planning to be a one hit wonder when joining in 2015, Australia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest five times since and, of those entries, been in the top ten four times. Offstage, it’s the UK singing Australia’s praises as the top visiting nationality down under!

Where to stay: Those looking for a flash of colour from their accommodation should consider a stay at Notel in Melbourne. This sleek rooftop hotel offers chrome airstream trailers, in front of a wall awash with bright colours. Once inside the trailer’s guests will find a calming colour scheme of white and pastel tones to soothe visitors after a busy day exploring all that Melbourne has to offer.


Portugal, “Love is on my side”

For the romantics out there, soul band The Black Mamba will represent Portugal this year with a love-themed tune. Those who are inspired by the powerful vocals and dulcet tune will be hoping their next trip will be filled with similar romance.

Where to stay: For those looking to fall in love with Portugal, Sintra is highly endorsed by Booking.com travellers for its romance. And it’s hard not to fall in love with its colourful architecture surrounded by rolling green hills. To really embrace the palatial vibes of this lovestruck town, why not indulge in a stay at Sintra Marmoris Palace. This 19th-century manor house offers scenic views of the Sintra Cascais Natural Park and is surrounded by lush garden areas for visitors to walk through hand-in-hand with their love.


Greece, “Last Dance”

This year Stefania will take to the stage representing Greece, singing “Last Dance” and this up-beat pop song might get many up off their feet to dance in their own living rooms. For those who wish the dancing never ends, live music is surely a must when dreaming up a travel destination.

Where to stay: travellers inspired by Stefania’s performance and looking to hit the dance floor on their next vacation, vibrant Thessaloniki will be music to their ears. Highly endorsed by Booking.com travellers for its live music, this bustling seaport is also renowned for its festivals and cultural events. A stay in The Caravan is the ideal spot for those who never want that “last dance” to end. These charming apartments offer a city view and sleek décor and are the perfect base to explore and return to after a night of enjoying the local live music scene.


Croatia, “Tick Tock”

Croatia’s Albina is no doubt watching the clock counting down till the moment she can take to the Eurovision Song Contest stage to perform ‘Tick Tock’. And for those counting down the time till they can return to Croatia on a vacation, why not consider visiting the unique Pjaca clock tower in the city of Split? This often-photographed sundial clock overlooks the People’s Square (Pjaca) amongst the cobblestoned streets of Split’s Old Town.

Where to stay: Just a short stroll from the beautiful handless clock, Hotel Agava Split offers luxurious accommodation. With sleek design that even features exposed brickwork reminiscent of the Pjaca clock tower, visitors will want time to stop as they soak up the beautiful surrounding of this accommodation.


Lithuania, “Discotheque”

The Roop will tell everyone it’s ok to ‘dance alone’ as they represent Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 singing “Discotheque”. And for those looking to bust a move to this catchy song, Palanga should be next on your travel list. Amongst the Lithuanian destinations highly endorsed by Booking.com travellers for clubbing, this seaside resort heats up in the summer as people come to party.

Where to stay: Whether visiting one of the pumping clubs playing mainstream dance music  until dawn, or bar hopping along Palanga’s main strip, Amberton Green Apartments Palanga is the perfect home away from home to come back to. This sleek stay even offers a spacious indoor pool with a hot tub, a sauna and steam bath to soothe the muscles after a night on the dance floor at one of Palanga’s renowned venues.


Poland, “The Ride”

RAFAŁ are hoping to take Eurovision Song Contest fans along for “The Ride” when they represent Poland at this year’s contest, and if you are also tempted to wear your sunglasses indoors on a trip to Poland, why not ensure your “ride” while there is as seamless as possible? Amongst the Polish destinations highly endorsed for their convenient public transport is Wroclaw. Poland’s fourth largest city is spread across 12 islands, with 130 bridges connecting them, which ensure smooth transport options as travellers set off to explore the city.

Where to stay: Beyond the convenient transport during your stay, PURO Wrocław Stare Miasto offers an airport shuttle to even make the transfers convenient. This modern hotel is well located in the city centre, perfect for those looking to explore Wrocław’s small figurine dwarfs (krasnale) that are scattered amongst the city’s streets.


Latvia, “The Moon is Rising”

Samanta Tina will be hoping the scores are rising for Latvia as she takes to the stage to represent Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest 2021. If the powerful vocals see Latvia rising up your travel bucket list, why not take a trip that will see you looking to the cosmos? Jurmala is one of the Latvian destinations highly endorsed by Booking.com travellers for its star gazing. But this coastal destination is not only known for stargazing, but also for its nature and serenity, with a wildlife reserve, swamps, lakes, and forests, creating a calming vibe (and less light pollution!). The nearby beach is a popular spot to relax and perhaps even watch for the moon to rise.

Where to stay: Also known for its wooden architecture, Jurmala boasts beautiful accommodation such as the Villa Alvīne Family Apart-Hotel. This aparthotel offers all the essentials visitors would need just a short stroll from the scenic beaches.

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