Uni student redesigns Kopparberg Cider Bottle

Ravensbourne University London student, Ben McKay, has been rewarded with the unique opportunity to give Kopparberg’s iconic flavours a limited-edition design refresh that will be available in supermarkets, pubs, and parks throughout the UK this summer – alongside having a year’s tuition fee paid in full and an internship with a leading advertising agency.

Kopparberg’s latest campaign, ‘To Firsts That Last’, is all about creating unforgettable firsts that make a lasting impact. Just as the brand changed the face of the cider game with the launch of its first cider range, so too will Ben’s limited-edition design make a long-lasting impression, both on the brand and the designer himself. This is the very first time Kopparberg has changed the packaging since inception, providing a huge platform for Ben to show off his work.


“At Kopparberg, we’re all about celebrating firsts that last. Offering Ben the chance to redesign our core range bottles, a first for the brand since it launched, does just that. We are very proud to be able to give independent talent a platform to show off their creativity and help set up what we hope will be a long and successful career for Ben through our internship and bursary. We are also looking forward to doing the same for our second-year winner – check out our social channels for more information on how to enter.”

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg


Working in close partnership with digital media and design university Ravensbourne London, Kopparberg invited students to put forward their design pitches based on creating designs that brought the world of Kopparberg to life – a world that is bold, vibrant, and striking, but also hero’s the bold fruit flavour Kopparberg is famous for.

Kopparberg is independent and family run to this day and wanted to reflect this by championing up-and-coming independent talent, opting to open the competition up to university students. Chosen for his bold, exciting designs, student Ben McKay has been offered the platform to make a lasting impression across Kopparberg’s original Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit and Pear cider. Inspired by his previous experiences using spray paint and creating street art, Ben’s winning design features bright, neon patterns to create a contemporary look.


“When responding to the brief, I turned to street art and pattern styles I was familiar with for inspiration. Using stencil art, spray can style and riso print, I aimed to create a free-flowing artistic style with a contemporary look which reflects how I view the world of Kopparberg. I’m incredibly excited to have been chosen for this opportunity and can’t wait to see my own designs on Kopparberg’s core range – it’s something that will stay with me forever.”

Ben McKay

What’s more, as part of the prize Kopparberg will fund Ben’s university final year tuition fees, as well as offering him the brilliant opportunity to get stuck into design work with an internship at award-winning creative agency, Neverland – truly creating a first that will last his lifetime.

Off the back of the success of its first limited edition competition, Kopparberg will be looking to run the competition once again for next year. Running from April – 31st August 2022, entrants will be invited to design their own limited-edition label for submission. Keep your eyes peeled for the competition announcement on Kopparberg’s Instagram at @kopparberguk

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