Stylish Essentials for New Mums

When you hear the words ‘new mum,’ many often think of sleepless nights, messy hair, and fashion that consists of loose clothing and a large nappy bag — but not anymore. We now live in a time when comfort and style can go hand in hand, thanks to many contemporary brands and product innovations available. Whether it’s clothing or baby equipment, here are some essentials that will help you take care of your baby in style.

Postpartum leggings

What makes postpartum leggings different from your average ones is that they have compression features to provide support for your healing belly. Plus, they effectively smooth out any bulges as well. Check out brands such as the Serendipity Compression Legging, which has a snapback that provides great belly and back support. Meanwhile, Year of Ours’ Ribbed Football Leggings have a lace-up waist to make them easily adjustable around the midsection — making it great for both postpartum and during pregnancy.

A stylish baby changing bag

When you search for a changing bag, find something that could pass as your purse too. To fit both the things you and your baby need, you’ll want a roomy bag with multiple pockets to easily store things separately. Some good options are the baby changing bags on Women’s Health, which can be worn cross-body or as backpacks to save your posture in case they get heavy. The Core Tote Nappy Bag even has a floral pattern that makes it fashionable much like any other purse — except it comes with a removable nappy organiser for your wipes and cream. Nappy bags are built to be durable, and you can transform it into an everyday bag for work, errands, or the gym.

A minimalist but reliable pushchair

Pushchairs aren’t exactly the cheapest baby equipment, so if you have multiple children or plan to expand the family in the future, consider getting a multifunctional double pushchair right from the start. The double pushchairs featured on iCandy show how modern tandem models are designed to be able to easily switch from a single to a double cot. These designs can usually also be turned into a travel system so you don’t need a separate car seat for the baby. Aside from being multi-functional, today’s minimalist pushchair designs are also stylish and will surely go with any outfit.

A baby carrier

There may be times when you don’t feel like bringing a pushchair on a short walk, or you’d rather carry your baby but don’t want to strain your arms. In this case, a baby carrier will come in handy. The Baby Carrier is easy to put on and feels like just another garment you can put your baby in. Aside from being able to bring your baby comfortably, Healthline states that carriers make your baby feel more secure as well. It enhances your connection and reduces crying since they know they’re safe with you.

A modern cot

Cots typically last until your child is five to eight years old. Some can even transform into a double bed or sofa, depending on the extension kit. The cot beds on The Independent range from simple designs like the Mamas and Papas’ Melfi, to classy styles like the Cuddleco Clara. Regardless of what you end up choosing, it’s also important to keep in mind how big your space is and how long you want to keep the cot — whether as a bed for your growing child or another piece of furniture for the future.

It may be exciting getting new essentials. But remember that being a new mum will still be draining — and on top of that, you may also still feel some stress from the pandemic. In which case, a previous article by our contributor Paige Parker can give you pointers on how to care for your well-being.

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