Interior design experts reveal what home changes can boost your motivation  

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Whether it’s to do well at work or to work-out for summer, motivation is what causes you to take action in order to achieve your personal goal. Interior design experts from Hovia have researched and recommended top tips on how to change your home up to gain more motivation 


Add more plants 

Nature or elements that remind you of nature, such as a plant wallpaper, can really add some great benefits to your indoor space. The University of Exeter have researched by bringing plant elements into your daily life can massively boost your wellbeing by 47%, creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. Other positive impacts also include the reducing risk of psychiatric disorders and reducing our cortisol levels, allowing better recovery from stress.  

Top tips for adding in more nature to your home or office space is decorating your home or office space with plants or building a plant shelf, other ways to directly involve plants is featuring fresh flowers in a vase. To add nature elements, you can invest in natural furniture or add a nature wallpaper feature wall. 


Neutral room 

There are many benefits to a good sleep such as being more motivated, alert and boosted immunity. In your bedroom create complete darkness while you sleep to get a better sleeping pattern and relaxation. UDesign stated that in the UK a staggering 70% of us sleep less than 7 hours per night, which is an important statistic as half an hour less sleep than needed can be detrimental to your health as it has a cumulative effect. Sleep Foundation have researched that sleeping in darkness can help stimulate the production of melatonin which is a hormone that helps you fall asleep quicker.  

One of the best tips to getting a good night’s sleep is investing in blackout blinds, shutters or curtains to create the darkest bedroom possible. Picking a wallpaper or paint colour that is a cool or neutral colour like blues, greens and greys can reduce your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and slow down your breathing rate. To create a more relaxing environment to encourage sleep, use diffusers or essential oils to fill your bedroom with smells like lavender. In the summer months use a quiet fan or wool duvet to prevent overheating at night. 


Reflective surfaces  

Wherever and as much as possible, in your home or office, turn off those fluorescent lights and let in the natural sunlight in through the windows. Dako Windows researched that the exposure to natural light helps our bodies not only produce Vitamin D but also positively effects circadian rhythms, sleeping patterns, motivation and has proven to improve our mood and happiness.  

Hanging a mirror on a wall opposite a window produces more light within the room or painting/wallpapering your walls and ceilings in white to brighten up the room. Other tips include keeping your windows clean to allow more light in and by and organising your furniture, so it does not block the windows. Another tip is to use reflective surfaces such as glossy or metal accent surfaces that will bounce the light around the room. 


Your own space 

Updating an unused corner, to create a new space for yourself is an easy and satisfying way update to your room, and it will give you a designated space to unwind. For example, using this space for a yoga or meditation area can manage your stress, reduce negative emotions, increase creativity, also motivate you to adapt a daily habit.  

You can design a new environment through different decorations and can separate the room by trying a new calming wallpaper or paint colour.  An alternative is investing in a room separator, to really give your corner a new space to relax in. Keeping the space tidy and clutter free will also keep you less stressed and more productive. A tip to incorporate mood lighting is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere. 


Consider a view 

In your office or home, try to get a good and unobstructed view of some form of nature or nature experience. According to Chromogenics, it has proven to have positive health effects such as being more creative, energised, and productive. It is also has been researched that you are less likely to take sick days from work. 

You can design your space with a view by creating one with a photographic or nature inspired art prints or choosing a picturesque landscape wallpaper, it’s great to add in hanging plants around your window, which also brings the benefits of bringing in more plants indoors.  

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