How to Grow on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the big players in the social media world including Facebook and Instagram. It boasts over 330 million monthly active users with about 187 million monetizable daily active users. It offers many opportunities for personal and business use.

Growing on the platform can be a difficult task since you have to consider so many things before getting at it. There is a lot going on in the platform that may get you distracted from your primary goal so you may have to narrow it down in order to get it right. People love Twitter for its real time updates of information which can be overwhelming at times. Irrespective, users can take advantage of this by having a strong profile that draws in the attention of users amidst the flood of information, as well as using growth services such as Twesocial to buy real Twitter followers. Among those that take advantage, some things stand out that propelled them to stardom on the platform. You can use those too. Here they are.

Use visuals

Twitter is a primarily text platform. Most of what users come across on it is text. While text can be great, you can only do so much with it therefore, it helps to incorporate images and videos. Users love visuals that capture their attention and bring up conversations. This can be through sharing entertaining, funny and interesting content that users can comment on or retweet. GIFS are another short and humorous way to engage users. GIFS are short clips that add expression to your tweets without using larger form videos.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are the easiest way for users to find content they love and enjoy. They group similar content together and draw in users who have similar interests in content. A lot of engagement happens through hashtags and sometimes, hashtag challenges, that users can create content to share with a trending hashtag. Some of the most popular hashtags are #ethereum, #crypto and #blackhistorymonth. Choosing a hashtag that is relevant to your content is always better because you want them to target users that are genuinely interested in your content. Alternatively, get involved in conversations on hashtags relevant to you so that you can meet other users with similar interests in content. That conversation could lead them to your page.

Use a scheduler

We all have several other things to do and would like to use Twitter for the max value we can get. Making the most of Twitter requires time and commitment but this can be done in creative ways. Tweets need to be posted at the appropriate time for the users targeted to get as many followers as possible, and should have content that is relevant to them. Twitter provides the option of creating content and scheduling it for a specific time so that you never have to spend too much time on the platform trying to get followers. While you focus on more important times, your content will be shared automatically at the scheduled time.

Have a compelling profile

Nothing plays against you like an incomplete and uncompelling profile. This is the landing page for most people that come across your account so it is in your best interest to make it outstanding and attractive. You should have a high-quality image as your profile and background image. Your username should be memorable and interesting, A user should leave with an impression made on him by your profile. A bio will also add value to your profile. It should explain your business in the simplest and impressionable way possible. A user should be able to understand your product or service very easily from reading your bio. Additionally, you can add a location for your business and URL to drive traffic toward a business or blog page of your business or personal work.


Twitter does not have to be an uphill climb. Others have made it on the platform and so can you if you consider having a valuable profile, using a scheduler, hashtags and use captivating visuals. Many other successful accounts can serve as a benchmark in creating the best twitter page you can have to bring in followers. It is best to use pages in the same industry or niche as your account. With some patience, these tips should pay you in more than followers.

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