This June, Coca-Cola is joining forces with one of East London’s hottest hairdressers, Not Another Salon, to open doors to the Flavour Parlour. The exclusive experience will invite Coca-Cola flavours fans to undergo a full hair transformation, inspired by Coca-Cola’s reinvigorated range of flavours.
Hair makeovers are inspired by newly released Coca-Cola Lemon, an improved recipe for Cherry  – packing more of a cherry punch – and Vanilla’s updated pack design. Fans of Original Taste need not despair, with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar also inspiring a fresh look.
Hair transformations will take place in a VIP space that has been exclusively themed around the flavour portfolio, from eye-catching seating to themed mirrors with witty quotes, as well as a curated photo space designed especially to capture the perfect shot of your new hairdo.
On the Flavour Parlour opening, Not Another Salon Director and Founder Sophia Hilton has said: “We’re so excited to be hosting the Coca-Cola Flavour Parlour at our salon. We’re all about allowing people to show their true colours and express themselves to the fullest, thanks to cutting edge hairstyles and colour.  Whether you choose to go for a Dua Lipa inspired Coke Cherry up-do, never out of fashion bleached blonde or brunette, or even something more eye catching with the bright yellow offering, we know people are going to love their new style, just in time for summer!”
Coca-Cola aficionados will be able to book their completely free appointments by emailing for pamper sessions between June 6th and 8th 2024.  Once emailed, Not Another Salon will be in touch regarding patch tests, and a consultation on what colour people want to take the plunge with. The Flavour Parlour is located downstairs at Not Another Salon, 188 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA.
Sophia Hilton has also shared her latest hair predictions:
  1. CHERRY: “It’s bold, but it’s so beautiful. Cherry red is going to be the colour for those looking to push their trend limits and make a statement this summer. We’re obsessed with Dua Lipa’s cherry red hair revival, but we can’t resist a throwback of Cheryl circa 2010 with this exact tone, or Rihanna also in 2010 with her bright cherry.”
  2. OUT AND PROUD: “There has been a significant shift for black people to embrace their natural hair and wearing it ‘out’. While Gen Z naturally wear their hair with confidence, Millennials and Gen X often face emotional experiences when embracing natural hair due to past stigmas. We have recently had many thirty-something women wear their hair out for the first time, sitting in tears. When a woman of a certain generation looks herself in the mirror and says ‘yes, this is me’ it is a very powerful moment. This is more than fashion. This is a deep routed generational shame that is slowly being released and celebrated.”
  3. GOTH GIRL BLONDE: “As all the gothic girls are transitioning from black to blonde this summer – it’s dirty, grungy with a root, think Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted as opposed to Legally Blonde. Bleaching your hair from dark to light not only is incredibly challenging and damaging, but often leads you with unwonted yellow tones. Because the ‘Goth Girl Blonde’ trend doesn’t care about this, she’s on the journey and she’s here for the ride.”
  4. PINK GRUNGE GLAM: “24 hours after Kim’s last new platinum hair launch in April 2024, she dropped in this awesome pink grunge vibe. Kim knows just as well as us, a soft cool pink is perfect to shock the crowds on a night out, but is easily removable so you can get onto your next look in no time. Being able to remove a colour is the number one conversation at Not Another Salon. Being able to express yourself, even if it’s just for 24 hours at the weekend or a holiday is so good for our mental health.”
  5. PANEL ME: “Panels have become the number one trend at Not Another Salon and across the UK. ‘Powerful placement’ is dominating our day. The two key panel trends we’re seeing is white panelling on natural black hair with our Asian clients, or huge panels through the front that works with any colour combination.”
  6. ANTI-FASHION: “With inclusivity and diversity ever more prevalent in the way in which people express themselves and their look, we’ve noticed a strong trend towards people saying ‘no’ to fashion. Not Another Salon have always been advocates of this, where we encourage people only to express who they are on the inside, regardless of what is on trend. We truly believe this is the non-trend of the future. As cultures collide and fashions merge globally, there is a more of a nod towards expression over the restraints of the old conformist world. “I used to pretend I was interested in fashion for many years, because as a stylist, it’s something you believe matters. It’s only once I shook off the social expectation that everything I should do should be ‘on season’ that I could really be a great hairstylist. Do I create on trend looks? Yes absolutely, but is the human in front of me the number one priority? Yes absolutely!”
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