Coca-Cola teams up with Tyler, The Creator

The unique, refreshing taste of Coca-Cola has been uplifting the world for generations. It’s an experience that only enjoying a Coca-Cola can offer, yet one that’s nearly impossible to describe in words.

That’s why, in 2021, Coca-Cola is celebrating the Coke experience, whether it’s enjoying a Coca-Cola Original Taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or any of its flavour variants, by giving new drinkers a way to describe this beyond-words experience.

Via a brand-new campaign, ‘Open That Coca-Cola’, launching today, it brings to life the first sip of Coca-Cola and the expressions we use to convey the refreshing great taste and experience of upliftment, and enjoyment when drinking it, like Ahhhh! Oooh! Yeah!

To encapsulate that undefinable feeling, Coca-Cola has found the perfect partner in Tyler, The Creator. The visionary artist is a long-time fan of the brand and shares an authentic originality, allowing him to express the Coca-Cola experience in the way he knows best: through music.

Tyler’s created an exclusive track featured in the campaign, which truly brings to life the iconicity of a Coca-Cola through a unique interpretation highlighting this indescribable experience and taste  

Tyler, The Creator said: “It was really cool to have the opportunity to work on a Coke commercial, forever grateful. The end result came out amazing.”

As an extension of the campaign and rolling out across European markets over the coming months, an evolved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be launched, offering consumers not only a great taste, but a sleek, brand-new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar packaging design, enhancing consumers Coke experience even further.

The campaign continues the company’s ‘Open’ platform, which sees the brand inspire and uplift people to being open to new possibilities and experiences, whilst remaining optimistic amongst the challenging times.