Over 717,000 Brits admit to cheating on their partner ‘as a treat’, according to a new study.

The research from surveyed Brits on various pastimes they treat themselves to once per year, with 2% admitting to cheating on their spouse.

Respondents from Belfast were most likely to be disloyal to a partner (7%), with people from Southampton (6%) and Bristol (5%) proving not to be particularly faithful either.

Other slightly riskier treats include skiving off work and spending a whole day naked, with 3% of respondents admitting to doing either one on an annual basis.

Going on a holiday ranked as the top yearly indulgence, while placing a bet on events such as the Grand National also featured in the top five.


Top activities Brits doing once per year as a treat:


Rank Activity Proportion of Brits admitting to doing it
1 Go on holiday 43%
2 Eat at an expensive restaurant 22%
3 Visit friends or family 21%
4 Go for afternoon tea 21%
5 Place a bet 19%


The study also asked Brits what activities they try to put off doing more than once per year, with 4% admitting to avoiding seeing their in-laws more than one day in 365.

Women (5%) are more likely than men (3%) to try steering clear of a mother or father in-law, while Bristol is home to those least fond of their partner’s parents (7%).

Various housework tasks dominate the list of activities people try to avoid most, but health and fitness also appears low on Brits’ agendas – over one in 10 Brits avoid exercising more than once per year (12%).


Top activities Brits try to avoid doing more than once per year:


Rank Activity Proportion of Brits admitting to avoiding it
1 Big house clean 29%
2 Declutter belongings 28%
3 Clear out wardrobe 25%
4 Defrost the freezer 25%
5 Clear out kitchen cupboards 24%


Ahead of the Grand National on 10th April, respondents were also asked how likely they are to bet on the race, finding almost half the country will get involved, and 13% stated it’s the only event they ever put money on.

The race is most popular in Glasgow, where three in five people back a runner in the National. Punters are also well represented in Birmingham and Liverpool (57% and 56% respectively).

A spokesperson for said: “The Grand National is an event that many people will put money on, even if they never normally bet. It’s an annual tradition, so we wanted to find out what else Brits do once per year as a treat.

“While things like holidays and dining at fancy restaurants are common indulgences, the fact that a small proportion of Brits admit to cheating on their partner as a treat is particularly surprising. Our findings suggest that if you’re from Belfast and in a relationship, you better check on your partner immediately.”


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