Anthony Joshua’s Personalised Walkout Song

Anthony Joshua has teamed up with his cousin and rising star musician, Maulo, to create the ultimate walkout song to mentally prepare him for his upcoming fight against Oleksandr Usyk. 

The aptly named track, Ambitions, has been carefully created to put AJ in the correct mindset for the crucial moments before the fight. Maulo’s close connection to AJ has enabled him to analyze and understand his pre-fight mindset, creating a tailored track based on AJ’s thoughts and emotions throughout fight night. 

“There is nothing like music to help athletes get their head in the game.”
– Maulo

As an Under Armour athlete, AJ is no stranger to utilizing mental strength techniques to improve overall performance. Under Armour’s human performance experts have pushed some of the world’s best athletes to their mental and physical limits. Their work, based on world-class scientific research and cutting-edge training techniques, shows that training athletes’ minds to overcome the turmoil inherent in the highest levels of sport is just as important as training their bodies to physically endure it. 

“Mental strength enables athletes to maintain peak performance. Athleticism will come if you start with the mind.” 
– Paul Winsper, Under Armour VP, Human Performance, Science & Research

The beat of Ambition is designed to get AJ and the crowd dancing to hype him up as he prepares to go out to the ring. The lyrics tell a positive and motivational message, not just for the benefit of AJ, but also the many people around the world who will be inspired to do greater things in life.

“Some people take ‘Ls’ for losses, we take ‘Ls’ for lessons”
– Anthony Joshua

You can download or stream the track from Spotify and Apple Music 

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