Today, adidas launches ‘Enter The Predspace’ – a podcast series that explores the finely tuned mindset of athletes that perform at the pinnacle of sport, while uncovering techniques that can be applied at any level of the game.

The three-part series uncovers how top footballers partner mental techniques with technical ability, to make their moments count on the biggest sporting stages of all. The inaugural series features top Manchester United and international talent Alessia Russo – a player known for acting on instinct and delivering game-changing moments.

Each episode delves into a different theme, drawing back the curtain on how Russo delivers on every aspect of her game. Tapping into the player’s elite mental approach, the series explores insights and techniques for every listener which can be applied from grassroots to topflight sport.


Perfecting my mindset is as key as perfecting my physical performance on pitch. Bouncing back from failure and crafting confidence has helped me make the right decisions at the right times, and hopefully these techniques can help others on game day too.”

Professional Footballer, Alessia Russo


Episode 1, Practice makes Perfect, explores the myths of why practice is key, how crafting confidence on the training ground delivers a clear-mind on match day, and why this is the crucial to executing on-pitch precision.

Episode 2, Shoot your Shot, Russo outlines how she prepares her mind and builds confidence for those game defining moments, when only milliseconds are available to make the right decision.

Finally in Episode 3, Winning Your 1v1 Battles, Russo outlines the importance of being one step ahead of your defender, but also the importance of bouncing back from every failed player to player encounter, so that the next one can be a success

Providing expert analysis and insight on why athletes think the way they do, is Sport Psychologist Dan Abrahams. Known for de-mystifying sport psychology and for creating simple to use performance techniques, Abrahams builds on the elite thought processes uncovered by Russo, further educating listeners with actionable advice for their own game day.


“Alessia Russo’s incredible insights demonstrate how seriously she takes the psychological side of football. The intelligent approach to studying her opponents and the commitment she puts into building her confidence for game day contribute to making her one of the world’s best strikers. Alessia’s ability to flex her focus and adapt under pressure are important skills every player can learn to develop.”

Sports Psychologist Dan Abrahams


Enter The Predspace featuring Alessia Russo is a kick-off moment for a wider series, as adidas looks to continue delivering mental insights from the brand’s top football partners.

The series embodies the inspiration behind the latest member of the leading Predator range, the Predator Accuracy, and the athletes that sport it on pitch – incl. the latest iteration color update across the franchise with the recently launched Heatspawn pack. The Predator Accuracy is built for precision play and rooted in the core principle that made the original Predator so iconic – goal-scoring accuracy.

adidas’ Enter The Predspace launches today on all main audio streaming platforms and can be listened to here.

For further information please visit football boots or follow @adidasfootball on Instagram or Twitter.

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