ZZZZZZZ…… Hit the snooze button; three quarters of Brits will spend their extra hour this weekend in bed

As British Summer Time comes to an end this Sunday, the clocks will go back giving us the only 25-hour day in the year. And it seems three quarters (76%) of us will be spending that extra hour in bed, enjoying a well-earned sleep or lie-in, according to new research by Plusnet Mobile.

As the mobile provider that gives you more for less, Plusnet Mobile has requested to sponsor the ’25th hour’ and is encouraging people to make the most of their extra hour.

The following activities topped the list for ways Brits plan to spend their extra hour this Sunday:

  1. Enjoying well-earned sleep or a lie-in
  2. Getting their hands dirty with housework and gardening
  3. Watching TV
  4. Spending quality time with friends and family
  5. Getting a sweat on with exercise
  6. Powering through life admin
  7. Walking the dog
  8. Scrolling through social media feeds, such as Instagram and Facebook
  9. ‘Netflix and chill’
  10. Calling friends and family

Scots are the sleepiest of all with those in Aberdeen (88%) planning to spend the extra hour in bed. Gloucester is the most green-fingered city with 1 in 5 (21%) using their extra hour to get stuck into some gardening. People of Edinburgh are the most likely to work up a sweat with 16% spending the extra hour exercising, and those in Liverpool are an amorous lot using their extra hour to catch up on ‘Netflix and Chill’ (7%).

When it comes to guaranteeing the perfect lie-in it’s the simple things that count for Brits. Fresh bed sheets (48%), plump pillows (40%) and comfy pyjamas (24%) topped the list of essential ingredients for a lie-in. But sometimes company is the key to the perfect snooze, with 30% admitting having someone to cuddle up to makes all the difference.

And if we do manage to tick all the boxes for the ultimate lie-in, Brits plan to stay in bed until 9.20am. However, for some of us, there’s no chance of hitting the snooze button, with work (36%), personal body clocks (32%) children (16%) and natural light (16%) revealed as the worst offenders when it comes to ruining the perfect lie-in.

Jessica Alexander, Snooze Expert at the Sleep Council said: “A 25-hour day only comes around once a year, and if, like the majority of us, you plan to spend it in bed, you don’t have to feel guilty as the odd lie-in is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. So, make sure the kids are otherwise occupied, you have sweet smelling fresh sheets, and plenty of comfy pillows, relax and hit play on Netflix.”

Steve Wilson, Commercial and Marketing Director at Plusnet said, “The end of British Summertime means you literally get 25 hours in your day, and as the brand that believes in giving its customers more for less, we believe Plusnet Mobile is the perfect sponsor of the 25th Hour. Our sponsorship request may still be under consideration by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, but our campaign to encourage the UK to make the most of their extra hour is well underway!”

To celebrate the 25th hour, Plusnet will be giving away prizes all week long to help the British public make the most of their extra hour on Sunday.

For more information on Plusnet’s competition this week, visit www.twitter.com/Plusnet.


Research was commissioned by Plusnet and was carried out by independent third-party research supplier One Poll in October 2017. The research profiled 2,000 UK adults. 

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