Z H I N O Releases ‘Last Supper’ | Z Season | Available Now On Spotify

We caught up with South London rapper Z H I N O as he prepares to release his latest single ‘Last Supper’ which is definitely going to get the vibes even hotter this summer. Z H I N O has been appearing on everyone’s timelines with his incredible TikTok freestyles and inventive music videos and he’s just getting started. He’s definitely one of our favourite rising UK stars and we’re excited to see what other drops he’s got coming over the coming months! Check out the band new music video for ‘Last Supper’ below now.

Z H I N O – Last Supper (Official Music Video):

Can you tell me about the making of ‘Last Supper’ and what prompted you to do it?

Last supper was a response to some personal problems I had going on at the time. I experienced, for the first time, betrayal from one of my closest friends and it cut deep man. A girl was involved in it and that seems to be the way it always goes. But in the making of this, after feeling extreme lows, I knew I had to bounce back and come back ten times harder.


When I made the beat and arranged the strings it opened something inside of me. And to let all the people who did me wrong know that I’m going to win regardless.


Almost every music has a message or a statement; what do you believe this song is saying?

I definitely am a firm believer of this. Every song has a story behind it. Even the fun ones from artists who ain’t the biggest lyricists: there was a reason they went to that booth and said those lyrics. There is energy and life that flows through us all, music is a time capsule of that. So if you are living and breathing, some genre out there is gonna grab your attention. But for this song the energy running through is like a middle finger from above, and the ‘above’ part is important.


Is this song a teaser for an upcoming album, and if so, can you tell us about it?

Unfortunately no. But me and my team are constantly working towards that stature in my career where we are ready for a debut, and I’m a firm believer of speaking into existence so it will happen. For now though, don’t worry because it will be anything but a drought for UK music, we are putting in so much work behind the scenes.


How do you feel about your advancement as an artist, with the releases of ‘Drippy’ and ‘Mhm Alright,’ as well as your ‘Golden Mics Freestyle’?

It’s crazy because those tracks nowadays is barely scraping the surface , and that says a lot about the growth. ‘Golden Mics’ is a teaser into the improvement made but its really just a warning shot and a symbol for change. We been experimenting so much, so many drafts, so many re-recording etc. But everything is different now: my tone is different, my production is different, my lyricism is different and my singing is so different. I’m just excited to show all this hard work to the world and that starts with Last Supper.


Z H I N O – Golden Mics Freestyle (Official Video):


You’ve earned a lot of recognition as an artist, despite the fact that other artists regard you as a competitor; how do you cope with the tension?

I don’t, and there is no competitor. I’ve worked too hard at my craft behind the scenes for anybody where I’m from to hold a candle to me. It’s different now and people will revisit this after the songs I drop and come to realise that there never was a debate for London, scratch that, the UK and soon the whole music scene. That’s always been the goal. I can’t settle, I want to out bar everyone, make the most listenable songs, appeal to the female demographic, to stadiums, to the underground scene, to RnB, to pop, to soul music. I’m just greedy when it comes to my palette and interests. And I am the most original thing to come out the scene in the last 7 years, so my time will come for sure, but right now;


It’s the start of Z season so make sure you stream last supper and share it around. Good music will always rise to the surface.


Check Out Z H I N O’s Latest Single ‘Last Supper’ Which is Available Now On Spotify!

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